So…Things Are Very Discombobulated!

Finally just the right washer repairman came to our house to tell us how to wash a normal load of clothes without watching the washer bounce its way down the hall. I hope it works.

Den’s electric toothbrush just broke so his life is out of sorts until he zips to Costco to get a new one today.

We are also out of paper towels so that’s one more teensy stresser.

Plus Den has to stop at Weggieman’s for a few supplies. One of those supplies is a sweet little chocolate cake…a sweet gooey fudgy bowl to balance out the healthy grainy bowl!


My goal is to make us eat a healthy grainy bowl for dinner every day this week. Here are our choices…I am almost positive the top two are from a site called foodiecrush…it’s new to me but I love it. My goal is to have the bowls done and in the refrigerator…oh, and we are still shopping for a new one…by 3:00 because I am still exhausted after that. I want a shower and books and TV and my kitties and special Den made lemonade. Maybe a nap…I can feel myself getting stronger but I still have a really low red…I think…blood count. It’s whatever count I had a transfusion for a few months ago. Apparently it takes along time for that to build up to normal…sigh! And it makes you tired and it’s why 20 minutes on the treadmill does me in. Apparently there is a shot of something that would help but if doctors wait long enough your count goes up on its own…it just takes a long time for it to happen. I am in the waiting for it to happen category. So I remain tired! But my hair is growing! And the eyelashes on one eye are growing, too. I tried gluing on fake lashes yesterday but I look RIDICULOUS! So my potential look is curly hair…with lashes on one eye. And people ask me why I placed myself in my self imposed exile! Now you really know why!

Grainy beany veggie bowls!
Grainy salmony bowls!
Grainy chickeny bowls!


I am just going to mention some of my new ones here and share more about them tomorrow or the next day…

Here they are…from NetGalley, Edelweiss, and Amazon Vine.

YA, rivals, hearts of glass and fantasy!

“For readers of The Nightingale and Brooklyn, an exquisitely moving novel about friendship, love, and redemption in a circle of immigrants who flee Europe for 1930s-era New York City.”

An “atmospheric” mystery about a serial killer…oooh!

Missing teacher, suspicious husband, private school…it just sounds so beachworthy…even picnic worthy!
Creepy creepy psychological suspense…think about the kinds of feelings you got if you read Woman In Cabin 10…

“A sharply intelligent novel about friendship, lust, jealousy, and the unexpected complications of adulthood in the 21st century.” From Amazon…


My reading was not so great this week end…I read but not lots and I didn’t really care if I didn’t read lots. I am stuck on these Hampton Mysteries because they are just so much fun. Plus the author…sweet Carrie Doyle…reached out to me…I still love when authors take the time to do that.

And other than the wacky murderers her books are filled with sweet characters who mostly love to bake and gossip!

Have I found the perfect books?

I think so!




18 thoughts on “So…Things Are Very Discombobulated!

  1. bermudaonion says:

    Doesn't seem like a lot of little irritating things like that happen all at once?

    I want some of those grain bowls – they look yummy!

    I'm sure you're gorgeous with a little hair and no eyelashes!


  2. Stefanie Ng says:

    I'm sorry your energy level is low. You do what you can, girl, and do what makes you happy. Girls of Snow and Glass sounds good! Added it to my TBR. I love a fractured fairytale. Hugs to you.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Oooh, yes… we love wegman's chocolate cake!!! Foodiecrush is a site I watch and we've had good luck with her recipes. Haven't tried the bowls yet, but I'll go take a look. Can't wait to try one of the Hampton murder series!


  4. Ti says:

    That cake. Looks pretty darn good. The grain bowls sound great. All I want these days are vegetables. Not sure what that means. My iron levels are low again. Critically low so I am upping my iron. It takes 6-8 weeks of heavy iron therapy to see a difference. And infusions take a good four weeks to see the improved numbers.

    Is it really called Weggieman's? I laugh every time you write that.


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