The Week’s End…


We finally found a beautiful walking trail mere minutes from us. It’s easy and uncomplicated and peaceful and a really good place for me to walk more! It’s paved and there are benches that seem to be strategically placed. I only stopped to sit once! I think I walked a little over a mile.

It just happens to be across the street from a neat little cafe.

You can sit outside with a drink when you are finished walking!


I finished everything that I started…that felt good…these are on my next up list…

Thinking about these shoes…Teva is the brand and Nordstrom’s has them…
Made this yesterday…it was delicious…easy, too!
In my head this week…
I still get sad thinking about what happened to me this year…I still think about what my life was like before all of this happened. I was always kind and good. I cared about people. So…why me? Was it just a quirk of nature? Something weird in my genetic make up? Talcum powder? I am changed and there are times when I feel lost and not happy. We have gone almost an entire year without dinners out, travel, concerts, shopping…all of the things that Den and I loved doing together. I want to forget about doctors and hospitals and Big Chemo but I will never be able to forget…my life will always revolve around one more check up…I am not sure I know how to do this.
But I am still mostly happy. I am thankful. I just want my hair to grow faster. Doesn’t everyone?





10 thoughts on “The Week’s End…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, you have been through the wringer this past year, but you have bravely faced it every step of the way.

    I know that you have found strength you didn't know you had.

    I'm glad you found such a lovely walking trail…it sounds wonderful, especially the part about the cafe across the street.

    That pasta looks yummy!

    Your hair is growing every day!


  2. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    The walking trail sounds perfect. Glad you found it! What you've been through the past year is now part of your story and I'm sure will always seem strange. I'm so glad you've got that part behind you and you can now start to add things back that you and Den enjoy. You're allowed to feel sad, you know. *hugs* Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  3. DMS says:

    The walking trail sounds perfect. So glad you found it!

    The pasta dinner looks wonderful. Yum!

    Feeling sad is part of the process I think. But- I will tell you that from the close people in my life and what they have shared with me- the first year after cancer and cancer treatments you are still raw and filled with the memories of what happened. But each day that goes by after that you feel more and more like yourself and happier and lighter. I hope each day brings you a step or two toward happiness.

    My father-in-law and mother-in-law went on a cruise a couple of months after he finished his treatments. When he got back he said it was just what they needed- to get away, relax, and start doing some of the things they enjoyed again.

    Sending hugs and maybe a good concert will come your way soon. 🙂


  4. June says:

    Those shoes look awesome; so comfy. Are they to be worn outdoors?!? After I suffered from a meningococcal infection, it affected the nerves in my foot and I have to be careful to get a comfortable shoe or I'm in trouble! Oh, the trials of the righteous are many but the Lord helps us through each and every one. Praying for the both of us, Patty cake! Love ya… ♡♡


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