Why…when I really do sleep well…do I still wake up at around three ish every single morning? Den and I both fall asleep with Kindles, glasses and kitties scattered all over our big bed. I wake up with either Lucy tucked next to me…sharing my pillow…or Roxie tucked into my side under the covers…or both! And they do it without waking me. When I wake up at three ish they are sound asleep! I disturb them! I can fall back to sleep but I hate that early morning waking up…totally hate it even though I spend that time reading.


This one was a YA psychological thriller and it was so good. It was filled with yummy dysfunctional pairings that ultimately led to disaster. It was extremely well written. I was able to get inside the heads of these fascinating and irritating characters. I loved reading this fast paced book.

Reading this…grabbed it when I woke up this morning and can’t stop reading it…magic, witchy, evil?


I am tempted this week by this Carrot Quick Bread from The Kitchn…

This steak and tomato salad from View From Great Island.
These zucchini chips from In Jennie’s Kitchen.

And…last of all…do I want these fuzzy Ugg slipons?

Yes…I do!

I seem to be overwhelmed with tons of YA fantasy…there is a huge new crop of these books out there. I try to not read more than one at a time but my Kindle is bursting with them! Sigh! I don’t know how to manage them. I just seem to download them and just keep on reading which is both a good plan and a bad plan. Oh well…

It is 69 degrees here today and raining…no trail walking today plus Den is out to lunch with his boys. They always go out for Mexican food…they allow themselves one good Margarita and Den brings home tamales for dinner. We have tamales and salad for dinner on his lunch days…sounds strange but it’s so good!

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “So…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ooh, love the sound of 69 degrees!

    I often wake up in the middle of the night, too, but lately I go back to sleep and resume whatever dream I'm having, as if I had paused a movie. LOL.

    The food looks yummy! Enjoy your books, even though I don't really like YA or fantasy…LOL


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