Slow But Steady…

That’s what this book is…with the end of every chapter…I just want to go on to the next one. I fell asleep last night clutching my Kindle. Yum!

Plus…it follows that “then” and “now” pattern that I love so much!


I am obsessed with this cookbook. The author lives in Colorado and is 21 years old!

This was dinner last night…a Broccoli Chickeny Quinoa Bake…we loved it!

One pan…you don’t even have to precook the quinoa although I was freaking out because I thought it wasn’t cooking…it did.

I love this look. But I doubt I would wear it off of my deck. Tevas…I did get those slippery shoes and they are amazing. I got them for Den, too.


Roxie will hold onto Lucy…any way she can!




12 thoughts on “Slow But Steady…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Sweet photo of Roxie and Lucy!

    I've been seeing great reviews of Peter Swanson's books…and may have to read one…or more.

    Thanks for sharing. The food looks good…I could probably manage a one-pan meal! LOL


  2. June says:

    I've become addicted to a brand of shoe that's super comfy! After the illness affected the nerves in my feet, I have to be careful about shoes or I'll be in trouble. I thought of you as I was ordering more because you love quirky shoes and stuff. 🙂 I'm downloading the pic of the girls!♡♡


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