Loved Costco’s fishy sticks and chickeny strips…loved the Canadian Bacon, too.  Most everything we buy has to be nitrate, sulfite, hormone free plus organic so we are good with what we bought.  Den made me an Eggy McMuffin for breakfast today…it was lovely.  It was a combination of local eggs…Mrs. Wickersham’s, an organic whole grain muffin…Whole Foods…but the cheese was Kraft Slices because that’s what we crave from childhood but only on certain things.  I am waiting for Kraft to make organic slices!

I also bought Lodge Cast Iron pans yesterday…because lots of my one skillet dinners have to be popped into the oven at high heat.  And I am afraid to do that with my Calphalon.

Like this one…These are nonstick, too!  I guess I bought more at Costco than I thought I did.  We bought these soft fuzzy blankets that the kitties have chosen to sleep on…they were so inexpensive and my girls love them!  Can you see the love?

So today we are trying the raviolis…but I think they already look good!

So…again I am not reading anything I thought I wanted to read…I am reading this…it’s about a painter…that would be the girl on the cover…who paints the “fae folk”.  They are tricky and mean and kind and she just happens to have twin siblings who began life as goats but were turned human by the fae.  Sounds weird and crazy but it’s really good.  The best part is starting now because she paints questionable eyes on a fae prince and that puts them in so much danger that they have to flee their town of Whimsy!  Of course that will lead to danger and action and of course some fae/human romance!

I also started this last night…again…another exciting fantasy!  I hate reading two fantasies at the same time but I am sort of doubling my fun?  I think!  This one is just a tad more serious as well as scary.  There’s fire in this one!

Our day is a mess today…contractors are coming back to finish the doors but someone took out the locks to replace them and left!  Den is totally freaking out about now.  We were going to go out for lunch but I think that’s been cancelled.

I hope you are having a more organized day!




10 thoughts on “Assessments!  

  1. Carol says:

    We have a friend who works at Costcos, but we never have gotten a membership. An Enchantment of Ravens sounds really good! I hope you get your doors finished soon.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I wish I liked fantasy…sigh. But I am sure you are going to enjoy these; the covers are great!

    The food looks so tempting, too, and I remember having a cast-iron skillet, back in the day. But it wasn’t nonstick.

    The kitty blanket looks amazing, and they do look cozy. Thanks for sharing.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      We don’t eat them often…but sometimes they are necessary! I have been making more and more top of the stove dishes that need a few minutes under the broiler. Some of my Calphalon pans need to be replaced…I am afraid of stainless and my Le Creuset seems to stick!


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