So…It Doesn’t Feel Like A Friday…

We had a casual relaxed Thanksgiving for two…well…four if you count the kitties.  The smell of roasted turkey peaked their sense of smell and they walked around the table and meowed a little bit…then went off to their/our room.  Just so you know…I spent 15 minutes perusing peek, peak and pique and I still don’t know which one to use.  I opted for peak.  Sigh! We ate in the kitchen which is open to the family room and the sunroom…I used a casual setting and the biggest plates we had…chargers…Den and I don’t like our food to mingle.  I finally made the best gravy ever…from Jennie’s Kitchen and the best stuffing I ever made which was a combination of my mom’s, my sister’s and an unknown online grandma that I googled…oh and Martha Stewart, too.  Gravy and stuffing are two things not in my cooking repertoire.  But yesterday they were!  Cranberry sauce went in cups so the juices didn’t mingle.  Idiosyncrasies!  We have lots of them.  I can not begin to tell you how thankful I was…last year I was in the hospital with an infection in my port…Den and I watched the parade on a tiny TV and I think I had my hospital fave…an egg salad sandwich for dinner.  Just to be home…with hair this year…made me cry.  But I am a crier now…everything triggers tears.  Another sigh!  Den insists on as much organic stuff as possible.  Those marshmallows were organic…Den ate mine!  I like inorganic marshmallows better! Unorganic?

I am delightfully reading this book…I loved loved loved The Storied Life Of A.J.Fikry but at the start of this one I didn’t really love it but I really love it now.  It is filled to the brim with quirky interesting characters!


Young Jane Young reads so fast that I will start this one later today…NYC…private school and the embezzlement of school funds…a comedy?  I will find out soon!  Ugly cover, though, isn’t it?



At lunch time today Den and I will have our fave part of Thanksgiving dinner…little baby turkey sandwiches…I already made them last night…on the rolls we had for Thanksgiving dinner…nothing is on them but olive oil mayo and turkey slices.  On the plate there must be chips…crispy potato chips…and Vlasic Sweet Baby Gherkins.  They have to be Vlasic.  Then we are going to watch a movie…I think the one with I am Groot in it…Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.  Absolutely no shopping for us today…and…another tradition is pasta on Friday night…pasta with a sauce filled with mushrooms and ground sirloin/bison and sausage pieces!  We are still deciding on twirly pasta or spoony pasta!  Tough decision!

Yesterday exhausted me…literally…a friend once told me that it takes years to really bounce back from Big Chemo!  Den cleaned the kitchen on his own…it was all I could do to shower and get into bed.  It breaks my heart and fills my heart to see what he does for me…for our little family.  Things I always did…he readily does.  He is my hero!

I hope everyone had a beautiful day yesterday!

I will be back on Monday!



17 thoughts on “So…It Doesn’t Feel Like A Friday…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Happy Thanksgiving aftermath…and all the lovely goodies you have from leftovers. Your dinner sounds and looks wonderful.

    I always love pasta…and turkey sandwiches, too. For the dinner itself, my favorite dish is stuffing. I could fill a plate with just stuffing, but I didn’t. I think that would have been rude of me. LOL.

    I am glad you have Den, who sounds so awesome…and he is just holding up his end after all you have done over the years. Enjoy it!

    I am curling up here with books and movies…I hate Black Friday in the stores! I might see if there’s anything on Amazon.

    I also loved Young Jane Young. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Mary says:

    I still haven’t managed to make a decent gravy – so I buy it at Fresh Market and everyone loves it. The more I read about Young Jane Young the more I want to read it. Have a lovely weekend.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      There is a new gravy out…less or very little preservatives and very much like home made gravy. I bought some just to be safe. But I followed In Jennie’s Kitchen’s recipe and mine was so good. My wish is a lovely week end for you, too!


  3. Stefanie says:

    What fun plates you have and how interesting to have a marble tabletop. I’m glad there are positive changes this time of year compared to last year. You take your time recovering. Do what makes you happy and rest when you have to. XO


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