It Really Is The Week’s End?

I hate wondering where the week went…I really do.  We had hair appointments, Den had lunch with his “boys”, I kibbitzed with friends, I read, we worked out, Den cleaned up the rest of all of the outside stuff to prepare for Christmas stuff,  we put away pumpkins, Lucy and Roxie got their teeth brushed twice and kitty fought daily, and oh yeah…we had a 5.1 earthquake!  Our house did a little bit of shaking!


And right now I am again stuck in our room with two cats and a litter box while the refrigerator gets its ice maker attached.  We also just had yet another refrigerator person leave after telling us that our produce shelves wobble and stick because they just  “don’t make stuff the way they used to”…so we either send this refrigerator back and try to find another one or we wobble with these wonky shelves!  What to do…what to do!

I am reading Two Girls Down…as well as The Swallow and I have cast The Broken Girls aside for later.  Two Girls Down is rich with misbehaving characters in a smallish Pennsylvania town when two sisters vanish from their car while waiting for their mom in a big box store parking lot.  It’s surprisingly unputdownable!  The Swallow is just middle grade ghostly!  And yet so good.  Rose and Polly share a wall between their houses…adventures rule!

My books as well as my ebooks are in a chaotic disarray!  I read so many more docs than books that it’s easy to trick myself into believing that they are under control…but they are not!  How can one tiny slim Kindle Oasis hold so many books?  Yikes!  The only good thing is that they are arranged in order of being recent!  OMG!

This coat!  I wanted it! I bought it! It went on sale three days later.  Thank you, Nordstrom’s for your adjustment!

A8FBA684-B1CD-4816-86EE-C08B93E662C8These shoes!  I want them!

These plates…I need them!  I do! I want my salad on these Santa Salad Plates from Vietri!

93AA495D-5454-4381-9811-20A9F86C647EThis pasta…from Half Baked Harvest…it’s what’s for dinner tonight!  Is it terrible to need Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls…also from Half Baked Harvest?  And Oven Baked Polenta from Alexandra’s Kitchen?  That stuff on the side is sautéed cabbage!  And that’s an egg on top!



There are a few new Netflix shows starting this week end…Dark and Mrs. Maisel…I have to fit them in between football games.

The funny thing about my kitties?  While Den and I were totally freaking out with the earthquake…they didn’t even notice it.


Have a lovely weekend!



15 thoughts on “It Really Is The Week’s End?

  1. LisaD says:

    The plates are adorable! I agree that you need them. Sadly, I think the repair guy is right. It doesn’t matter that you pay a lot of money for something anymore – it’s all just junk. The dishwasher we got a year ago won’t drain on certain settings 😦 I’m in the mood for fresh baked bread but I’m too lazy to make any! We’ll see.


  2. Mary says:

    Love the coat and shoes! I bought a similar style last week in cobalt blue. I never wear that color but my sisters convinced me I had to get it. Sisters! The food looks yummy and I love the plates!


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    We’ve had a couple little earthquakes here but I never felt them. I think it would be so scary!

    I didn’t buy my Garnet Hill coat but went with one from LL Bean instead. Boring, I know.

    I love all things Vietri and have a few of their bowls.


  4. Kathryn says:

    Oh my a 5.1 is considerable, I thought it was your west coast that got the quakes. I hate them, I live near the coast and try not to think tsunami as well! Lovely warm looking coat and good on Nordstrom for giving you the discount.


  5. lakesidemusing says:

    I think I need those Santa plates, too… so cute! The earthquake must have been so scary. I still remember tremors of a very mile quake 30 years ago.The first and, thankfully, only time I’ve experienced anything like that. Hope you’re having a happy weekend, Patty!


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