Tree Stands?

We had a smallish errand this morning.  We set off to buy two wreaths.  Lovely deep green evergreen wreaths for the front door and the space between the garage doors. They are decked with big red ribbons and Den loves to put spotlights on them.  A simple easy task…we knew where we wanted to go but…on the way to where we thought we wanted to go we decided to go to Terrain.  Terrain is closer and lots more fun than just a gardening place.  What I should have realized is that a wreath is always much more than a simple wreath at Terrain.  The ones I bought have lovely little twiggy sticks poking out every where!  Plus Terrain has a restaurant for lunch and fire pits outside and rooms filled with amazing lights and ornaments and candles and dishes and other amazing things!


We were not going to buy our tree but we bought our tree.  We usually get a tree sized for the room it’s going to live in.  When our development was new everyone who lived around the pond got massive trees because we all had the same high vaulted windowed  sunrooms.  You could see everyone’s tree!  But sometimes we put our tree in other rooms where the tree can be smaller and more manageable.  This year we did something so out of the ordinary for us…we did not buy a Fraser Fir.  We bought a Noble Fir!  So…apparently…according to my new friend Mason from Terrain…the Noble Firs at Terrain come from California and they are cut from the tippy tops of tall trees.  The tree then can regrow a new top.  Mason said these trees are precious and bring warmth to your house at Christmas.  I don’t even care if it’s true or not. I fell in love with this tree and had to have it.  Ok…so…we won’t use all of our ornaments and Den is driving everywhere to find a tree stand…none of the three we own will hold it.  Sigh!  We are not spending $148 dollars on a tree stand from Terrain!  We have drawn a line!


Terrain is lovely all year long…especially over the holidays!

Oh my…I can’t forget my two amazing candles…bought at Terrain…of course!  They flicker!  I need more!

Whoopsie…almost forget…reading this…it’s quite…er…um…strange and serious…


Hoping Den will be home soon…





18 thoughts on “Tree Stands?

  1. LisaD says:

    I’m sure Terraine is a place I could love! Weh have a similar garden center and I love to go walk around even when I don’t need anything! They don’t do lunches though. That would be heaven.


  2. Mary says:

    Terrain sounds like a fabulous place but I’d have to lock away my wallet. I have almost no willpower at these places. I hope Den was able to come up with a tree stand.


  3. Deborah says:

    Such lovely decorations. I’ve done nothing about decorating my place yet, but I live alone without kids, so….

    I do love some of the wreaths I’m seeing around. There are a lot being made using dried and native flowers and they are just beautiful! #teamlovinlife


  4. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    Those wreathes are gorgeous! I really need to get a wreath ASAP. Our tree is up- but I didn’t find a wreath I loved, so I decided to wait and look at other places.

    Love that your tree is a topper and the tree it was cut from will regrow. Yay!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I love my sweet little tree and we had to be really choosy about ornaments instead of putting every single ornament on…we chose wisely…we think…or else we just chose the most sparkly ones.


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