Monday…Marvelous Monday!

So…I think I read a ton of books last week but they were what I call “easy reads”…I am just truly loving middle grade books with a passion and I am also really loving Christmas cozy mysteries with pets…and…not only with cats and kittens but with puppies and dogs!  I surprise myself!  But…I think this cozy mystery obsession will go away after the holidays.   I will be eager to pick up and read my weirdly dysfunctional character driven crazies where families never get along and there is always an evil lurking stalker or an annoying mother in law or evil twin sister that you never even knew you had!  By then I will be back to my beloved fantasies, too.  I miss those stories of princesses hiding their powers or hiding their abilities from bullying teen mean girls whether it’s in a fantasy or a dystopian tale.  Or witches just discovering how power filled they can be and who end up marrying a vampire!  I will be back with them soon!

The NYT issues their best of 2017 list today and I read not one of them…sigh!


So much for that list!

I am collecting these Cozy Christmas Mysteries mostly just because of their festive covers so I hope they are cozy good!

I finished these over the weekend and they are cozy but so good!  I cannot get myself out of the town of Wagtail, VA!  Beautifully written…once I read one I want to go on to the next one…the characters, the cats, the dogs, the foods, the relationships and the murders!  Lovely!


I am trying to convince Den that all of my Santas…purchased by Santa through Den or Den through Santa?…have basically the same face!  You be the judge!  Heeheehee!  And this isn’t even half of my collection!

My sweet little Noble Fir is really looking noble.  After years of holding massively tall trees while Den swears at them and tries to get them in their stands…and again the reason we have four stands…this tree could be carried in the house with one hand!  Also after years of worrying whether the tree would stay on top of the car for the drive home…or roll off…this one rode home inside the car!  I love my Noble Fir!


Have a great Monday!



16 thoughts on “Monday…Marvelous Monday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    That is definitely a gorgeous tree! And I love your sun room. So cozy.

    I love cozy mysteries, too, and probably read more of them nowadays than I once did. I have a favorite series…the Country Club Murder series.

    All of your Santas are a little creepy…LOL. Seriously, though, they are cute, too.

    I don’t read Middle Grade books…haven’t found any that grabbed me. Although I think I once read one by Joyce Maynard, because I adore her adult books.

    Enjoy your day!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I think you should read The One In A Million Boy…that’s a great MG book to start with! I love the Country Club Murder series, too. I think you would love this Krista Davis series…I really do. The same designer makes these Santa’s…thus the strange faces! Thank you! We love the sunroom, too! And the tree!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stefanie says:

    I love your Noble Fir. I told my girlfriends about that Saturday but I had forgotten which fir it was. How often do you water it? We worry about fire so sadly we’ve never gotten a real tree. Maybe I can convince the husband just for next year. The wagyu is supposed to be for two but three of us shared it which made it just right. I wasn’t stuffed by the end of dinner. I was able to have tea when I got home. I had a good nap of three hours and I was still able to sleep at night. I didn’t want to get up this morning.


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    I love your tree too. A lot of your Santas look similar but I’m not sure their faces are exactly the same.

    I haven’t read any of those books, either, but I think I might own 2 of them so maybe one day I’ll have read a few of them.


  4. Kathryn says:

    I haven’t read any of those on the NYTimes list and not likely too, I’d probably choose all the ones on this page first before I’d go near one of them. Your tree looks gorgeous and with the backdrop of snow amazing. Envious!


  5. Michelle says:

    Dogs make every novel better!

    Your Noble Fir is darling! I keep threatening the kids that when they are officially out of the house, I am totally downsizing the Christmas tree. Ideally, I want a small, pre-decorated tree that requires nothing more than bringing it out of storage. Someday…


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