Just One More Cozy?

Finished this and honestly this is such a great series!  Miss Veronica Speedwell is the illegitimate daughter of the Prince of Wales and Revelstoke “Stoker” Templeton-Vane is her working companion as well as a naturalist, surgeon, taxidermist and explorer. In this series dashing Revelstoke is lovingly referred to as Stoker.  He’s kind of torn up a bit but every woman who sees him sort of yearns for him.  This isn’t a sexy book at all but there are parts in it that make you think twice about wanting to hang out with Stoker.  And makes me wonder about why my taste in men leads me to Stoker and Aquaman…oh well…


So…I thought that I was done with mysteries…especially cozy ones…but I started this one this afternoon…and it’s another really good one!  Another cozy mystery has taken hold of me!  What is it about them that is so appealing?  They are safe, fun and can still have some wonky and unlikeable characters in their mix that make them page turners!  Plus they are relatively fast books to read.  I don’t have to go back over anything and it’s easy to keep the characters as well as their pets straight.  They are relatively uncomplicated!  And this one has that Hallmark Channel stamp of approval!


Beans!  Den loves them!  Today I made us Bean and Cheese Tortillas for lunch on Weggieman’s Whole Grain Tortillas…these tortillas are becoming my new fave tortilla…and for dinner I made this…it’s a Five Ingredient Black Bean Soup from Gimme Some Oven…


It is so easy and so delicious…we top it with cheese, yogurt/sour cream, chopped onion and taco chips…it’s bean Soup Perfection…plus I was able to link!  Only our problem is now we are hungry for pizza…so we are ordering one and having this soup tomorrow!  Yum!

We are all tucked in for the night!  Cozy books, cozy kitties, cozy pizza ordered!  Den and Roxie are playing their fave game…or rather Roxie’s fave game…race down our long upstairs hallway from our room to the room at the end of the hall…and then dash into our closet and hide and then race down the hall again…and again…and again…until Den gets tired!  Roxie never gets tired!  Well…almost never!  0D74FB95-27D4-4BC6-A21E-EF48B2EECE4F



14 thoughts on “Just One More Cozy?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love black beans, so that black bean soup sounds really yummy. So do the bean and cheese tortillas.

    Eaves of Destruction is on my list…I’ve been watching the Fixer-Upper Mystery Series on Hallmark.

    Cozy mysteries are such a nice and comfy breather from more intense thrillers. They are “palate cleansers.”

    Enjoy! Have a cozy evening.


  2. Stefanie says:

    Jellybean loves beans too; they serve them many times in the cafeteria. We laugh because one girl at the other school thought it was gross she ate butt beans (chickpeas). Glad that Veronica Speedwell series is good! Now I remember Stoker…ah, the taxidermist.


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