At The Week’s End…

We have been bouncing around today doing odds and ends of Christmassy things…bundling up a package, getting little gifts ready for our Mail Lady and the Trash Boys…trying to decide what to eat for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…there are two sets of family traditions that sort of battle each other.  Den wants to make sauce and pasta for Christmas Day…I want Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve…well…not exactly seven fishes but at least one of those fishes…maybe in the form of shrimp cocktail?  We baked some cookies.  There is a batch of bison sloppy joe’s in the slow cooker.  We are in the family room and the kitties have come downstairs to scream at us at least three times.  Lucy is knocking over everything she can reach that has green on it.  She thinks it’s fake evergreens…which she loves.  If cats can’t see color Lucy is the exception to that rule.  And for an elder kitty she is exhibiting amazing leaps and jumps!  Roxie just came down to cry at Den because she wants us upstairs in our room.  For purposes of play.  Closet play.  Running down the hall play.  Our girls are either incredibly smart or amazingly spoiled.  You be the judge!


We mostly found excuses this week to stay home…our little town gets really crowded at the holidays.  Longwood Gardens is a huge attraction…and we live very close to it!

It’s so crowded and although we are members…we have not even gone yet!  So sad…


Although I swore I was finished with cozy mysteries…I could not resist this one…it’s not Christmassy but there is a whole lot of baking going on…that counts…right?


These are my fireplace Santas…or…the ones most likely to come under kitty attack.  They have very tempting things that certain kitties can’t resist.


This Santa is my absolute fave…it came from a really touristy part of Maine that we rarely go to but the one time we did…he found us!  He’s a buoy Santa!  He stays out all year long.


So…that was my week…quiet…laid back…but that’s kind of what I need right now.  Back to share books on Tuesday!

Merry Christmas!




12 thoughts on “At The Week’s End…

  1. Stefanie says:

    Love the expressions of your cats in their Santa hats. The whole fish thing sounds interesting. My brother and SIL are making prime rib and salmon for Christmas Eve. I’m looking forward to both.


  2. Mary says:

    I can see why Longwood Garden is popular – it looks amazing!
    The Santa buoy is great. My son-in-law is from Maine and would probably get a kick out it.
    Adorable pics of the kitties 🙂
    Merry Christmas!


  3. Ti says:

    We went to our local gardens light event last night and it was just so fun. Thankfully, it wasn’t too cold. Gosh, the lights were so pretty.

    Today I am making cornbread dressing for a dinner we are going to but that’s it. We’ve watched some TV shows and now I am watching The Brady Bunch. Totally brainless in the activity department but that’s okay.

    Have a Merry Christmas!! My son has to work today but gets off at 7 and then has tomorrow off.


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