A New Santa Has Come To Town!

Here is my newest Santa!

0599080A-E3A0-4E83-82BB-00A749014534He sort of resembles my other Santas…he has a strong nose…a fierce look and kind of squinty eyes.  I have never used those words to describe Santa before but this guy is most definitely not too jolly.  Or ho ho ho ish.  And he kind of looks like a few of my other Santas…I see the family resemblance!  My new Santa is an individual with his own look and his own character.  Maybe he isn’t happy with our new tax plan?  And now I am wondering if he is holding that sweet little snowman hostage?  Or Santa could be sad because Christmas is almost over! Oh well!  Welcome to my house, new Santa!

I am about to finish my final Kitty Cozy book…


I have determined that Charlie…amateur sleuth and Diesel the cat’s owner…feeds Diesel all wrong.  He feeds him only dry food and tidbits from the table or his lunch or other people’s breakfasts.  This is why Diesel weighs forty pounds and can stretch out to four feet.  Charlie is setting Diesel up to be overweight and susceptible to kidney diseases and diabetes!  Sigh!  This is definitely my last Cozy for a while…I miss dysfunction and chaos!  I even miss those diabolical characters that are forever making the good characters crazy.  Soon!



I have been spending some time with this cookbook.  Den and I love Ramen Bowls so much and there really aren’t any Ramon restaurants near us.  I was distracted by the foods of the holidays but now all I want is a great easy to make bowl of soup…Ramen!  I think that this is the cookbook that will do it for me!

I have just begun to really explore this book…sent to me by the publisher…and so far it’s making me really hungry! For Ramen!  Perhaps tomorrow is a soup making day…or else a going out to lunch day…who knows?



11 thoughts on “A New Santa Has Come To Town!

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I think that Santa has just looked over the naughty list and he’s upset that it’s so long.

    We just watched an episode of Chef’s Table about Ivan Orkin – a famous ramen chef. You’ll really be hungry for ramen if you watch it.


  2. Kathryn says:

    The new Santa does look like he might be suffering indigestion from all that was left out by hopeful children! I am going to finish the reading year with a cozy mystery, mainly because I hardly ever read them.


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