What A Week…

It was snowing the other day but just a little bit.  We didn’t think it was enough to make us rethink our plans for the day.  But then the local weather guys came on the news to tell us we shouldn’t venture out.  In our area the local news people over hype any kind of bad weather.  So we question ourselves…repeatedly…

Do we have enough of EVERYTHING to survive a day of staying in?  Do we?  Cat food…tea…bread…do we have enough?  We never know and the one time we doubt the weatherman…we are stuck in without scrumptious food for days on end!  Of course that has never happened but you never know!  It might!  So we stayed in.  All day.  Sigh!

Yesterday was our Costco Day…we have learned to wait until everything we get from Costco runs out…mostly organic olive oil, organic ravioli, that really good Italian cheese, Wholly Guacamole in little single serve cups, Pirates Booty in snack size baggies, tuna in olive oil…which sadly they did not have.  But they had LaVictoria Pasta Sauce and organic chicken stock and other odds and ends that we use all of the time.  It was a great Costco Day other than the tuna.  I love that tuna.  I was able to pull Den away from massive TV’s and sound systems so we were also very efficient!


We walk up and down every Costco aisle…it was my steps for the day.  Plus I push the cart…extra moves!

No theatre movies this week…I am afraid of catching the flu! I have hand sanitizer in my pocket and I am breathing carefully. Why is the flu so scary awful this year?


I am more serious than ever about reading the right book at the right time…as long as I want to read it…I realized…from my friend Lisa…that I should read slightly south of simple before I read the secret to southern charm…but somehow I opened up Lord Of The Pies…read and reviewed it and it’s not due out until spring…there go my best intentions!  I am almost finished with The Girl Who Drank The Moon…it’s just lovely…and I started The Long Deception…which is just good.  An old friend dies and other relationships surface because of this death.  Again…really good.  This might be a good weekend for the southern girls books…because of stressful football…not for me but for Den…


Next week we have catch up appointments…eye doctor…dentist quickly for a whitening tray…cat scan…blood test…yep…another freak me out cat scan…we have an appointment on every day except Friday.  This is going to make me anxious, doubtful and scared…I thank God that Den is with me…I can do these things myself but this year I just need him more.  I am a crier.  I cried at the dentist…I will cry through the eye apppointment…God only knows how I will handle the cat scan and then in a few days the oncologist…I am not strong…I am wimpy and scared!

I am not the me I used to be…


The kitties…if we are upstairs they have the belief that every time one of us goes downstairs we will come back with a tiny tasty treat for them!  They prefer their treats upstairs.  This is how they wait…and…may I say they wait very patiently!


Have a great weekend!  Do you have big plans?  I will see you on Monday!



18 thoughts on “What A Week…

  1. Shirley Cantriel says:

    Lucy looks most anxious for treats in that last photo. We are finally getting some temperatures above freezing as well as sunshine. I’m so excited. I do much better with days of sunshine.


  2. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    We are constantly changing and evolving. It is amazing. Love that you now have hair to style. 🙂

    I am starting The Girl Who Drank the Moon soon. Glad you have been doing some reading of books you want to read- when you want to!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Nothing big happening this weekend – maybe a craft fair tomorrow, my FIL will be over for dinner on Sunday, a long walk both days, some football, some reading… Maybe I’ll even finish the Trollope novel this weekend? I know what you mean about the flu being extra scary this year. Fingers crossed we all manage to avoid it! Have a good weekend, Patty 🙂


  4. Vicki says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of appointments. I hope all your tests come back ok.

    Tomorrow I work but will get off at about 11 or 11:30. Then my son and I are going to my other son’s house for a movie and out to eat. Then Sunday I’m going with my daughter to The Compassion Experience and out to lunch.


  5. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I think I will be staying in and watching the new season of Grace & Frankie…and reading.

    Today I went out to an appointment with the dermatologist, who removed some moles. I always dread it, but I have to keep on top of them.

    Then I went to Marie Callender’s and had my favorite Shepherd’s Pie. I don’t think I would like not being able to go anywhere…it’s good I don’t live on the East Coast.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  6. BermudaOnion says:

    They overhype the weather here too. We had a little snow on Wednesday so the schools here were closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday yet all the stores managed to be open. We were out and about and things were fine.

    You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Crying can be good for you.


  7. Stefanie says:

    I get mad when the weather isn’t accurate. Ugh, I need to make a Costco trip soon. I”m sorry you have appointments that will make you anxious. They understand. Don’t hold it in; it’s bad stress for you and you need to have a strong immune system. Hugs. And do you copy and paste the review you write on your blog onto GR?


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