Happy Heart Day!

The four of us like to have a sweet and Simple Valentine’s Day.  It goes like this.  I order Den’s gift online and it’s usually late…I usually forget a card…I just sing Happy Heart Day to him.  This year I got him Cole Haan Sneakers…cool, aren’t they?  A3BAE376-A911-414F-8477-264DA45977EF

Den gets me cards…some are from him and some are from the kitties…big mooshy flowery cards that make me cry…flowers…usually my much loved white roses…chocolates…either Godiva or Eclat…and sweet earrings…always from Sundance’s funky Boho handmade section.  He sets it all up on the island and I am always surprised…wink wink!


And that’s the way our Heart Day rolls!  Oh…we usually stay in and have sushi…it’s tucked away in the refrigerator right now and we have chocolate cake!  OMG!  Cake!

Thank you, Weggieman’s/Wegman’s!

The kitties have their own version of sushi…they used to get new kitty toys, too, but they are over cat toys.  Totally!

Still reading and loving these two books…both are soooooo good…

Do you have any special way that you celebrate today?


16 thoughts on “Happy Heart Day!

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    Den is a keeper for sure! We usually exchange gifts and go out to eat another day but Carl’s been in Virginia helping get his dad in assisted living and it totally slipped his mind this year.


  2. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    Your Heart Day traditions sound very sweet. My husband and I usually do cards- no gifts anymore, but we used to get gifts for each other. Ron is allergic to most flowers- so instead of him getting me flowers he has often made a bouquet of scratch off lottery tickets. Creative and fun. 🙂

    Hope the sushi was delicious. YUM!


  3. Stefanie says:

    What a sweet husband! I love how he has all areas covered. Pls show your collection of earrings. I’m curious. I used to wear lots of dangles, like chandelier ones, but would lose one from wearing a scarf.
    I told Eric to not buy me anything because I’ll be shopping my heart out at STITCHES West. I made fall off the bone, mouthwatering ribs for the crew that day.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I love my special diamond earrings…Den had them made out of my original engagement ring. I love earrings he gets me from a place in Aspen called The Golden Bear…I love my fun ones from Sundance…I will photograph them for you unless you want to come over for tea and see them. I don’t like long or big earrings…I like smallish ones!

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