Wednesday’s Whims!


I rue the day I ever saw my first one.  I hate making mistakes.  I was the kid who erased and erased because a letter on the page didn’t look right.  I now have a practice bullet journal…just some sheets of graph paper where I am “practicing” how I want my real bullet journal to be.  Did you know there are bullet journal stickers as well as stencils?  Hmmmm…I am obviously prepared…I just can’t do anything yet.


I can’t decide what to hit first…these range from dysfunctional to chic lit…


Oh my…these caught my eye this week…I guess I must be craving Italian!

The first one is a Chicken Parmesan Meat Loaf from Cooking With Carlee.

Then there is a Breakfast Pizza from Skinnytaste.

Then Baked Ziti from Alison Roman and the NYT.

Last are Skillet Parmesan Meatballs from simply scratch.

I am sitting in my comfy chair reading…Den and the kitties are napping…we had a busy morning…Al The Tile Guy was here working on our shower and two other men were here installing the screen to our new French doors.  Den and I were starving but we grabbed some lunch late.  But…I prepped for dinner.  Everything is ready and I just need to pop it in the oven…we are having this Sheet Pan Balsamic Chicken and Broccoli from The Kitchn.


What are you making for dinner tonight?



22 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Whims!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, that Balsamic Chicken and Broccoli does make me salivate! I can almost smell it, actually, baking away and sending out welcoming scents. Yum!

    The Story of Our Lives looks good…and I would be a disaster at the bullet journals, as my handwriting has deteriorated over the years (too much time on computers!). So even practice journals might not be enough…sigh.



    • Patty Magyar says:

      The chicken was amazing and incredibly easy. I was watching something on tv about the deterioration of kids handwriting because they rarely write! Funny…I used to have to teach Penmanship!


  2. Stefanie says:

    Babyback ribs, baby! Our go-to recipe with my baking modifications. I love the idea of a bullet journal but yeah, I’m a total perfectionist and would hate how my writing looks. I’m tempted to use stamps to fill in usual, weekly happenings to make my planner a bit more fun visually.


  3. McGuffy's Reader says:

    Oh, Patty…just do it! Pick a journal and make it your Practice Journal, then just do it! It is YOURS, so just have fun with it. I had to look up Bullet Journal. Good grief, I have done this all my life. It was just My Journal. So, I wonder if I need the special stickers and stuff. I am open to suggestions! Hugs!


  4. Kathryn says:

    I always have salivating taste buds when I see the pics of the food on your blog! Fun with the bullet journal – oh dear a practice one! Hope whichever book you chose you are enjoying.


  5. Ti says:

    We had pasta and marinara last night. The Girl had an audition so she can’t have any dairy before it so we kept it very plain and simple. I, however, added a lot of Parmesan to mine!


  6. Vicki says:

    I couldn’t even begin to guess how many papers I’ve thrown away in my lifetime because I wrote a letter a little “off” or something. Seems that the older the more times I let it go.


  7. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    So many delicious looking meals. Thank goodness I am reading this at breakfast time or I would start craving all of them. 😉

    Good luck with your journal. I am always so impressed by how neat and beautiful so many journals are. I can imagine making a mistake would be a little stressful.


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