Monday’s Matters…


These lovelies came from their publishers through Edelweiss.  My special thanks to Brigid Martin from Disney for going out of her way to get me Little White Lies!  I can’t wait to read this book.


More Books…

I finished this over the weekend…it was intense!  Chilling!  Hard to stop reading!


Still reading these…

We are sort of waiting for another snowstorm but we are not quite sure…I don’t think our weather people know either…

I am trying to spend more time away from home so we took a long drive on Saturday to look at new houses…it was total fun and we found a great organic food store.  We bought quite a few things plus I grabbed a random bag of Rice Crackers for the drive home…they turned out to be whole grain, gluten free and the best Rice Crackers ever!  Ever since chemo I crave spicy stuff, beer and I get really carsick on windy roads.  The rice crackers helped after two Dramamine pills…I was so sick!  The kind man at the house we looked at gave me ice cold water and a bottle of the best orange apple hard cider ever!   I also fell into the deepest sleep ever!  We didn’t buy a non drowsy Dramamine.

My fave family room in the houses we looked at…it’s called Olde Bulltown Village!


My fave kitchen…



My new fave rice crackers!


I have a need to make compartmentalized lunches…like these from Chelsea’s Messy Apron…I want to lime them up in the refrigerator!


And these…from No. 2 Pencil…I already have these containers in my Amazon cart!  Oh boy!


How was your weekend?



17 thoughts on “Monday’s Matters…

    • Patty Magyar says:

      Yes…it might be called less drowsy? The moving thing is always on our minds…these houses that we looked at can be made smaller…I would eliminate a dining room and formal living room in lieu of that vaulted fam room…this is not far from where we are…plus we want a master bedroom on the main floor…we will see…I don’t know if I am up to it…but these house take over a year to build…


  1. lakesidemusing says:

    I would never lead that family room – no wonder it’s your favorite! Those recipes where you prep several meals at once are all so appealing, especially for lunches. And SO many new books… they all look good.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I love that family room, too.

    The books look very tempting, and I’m especially drawn to the Nicola Moriarty book.

    The Day She Disappeared piques my interest, too.

    Enjoy! Thanks for sharing. The lunches make me hungry!


  3. Kathryn says:

    Beautiful rooms. Ah The Endless Beach, I loved the previous book about Flora, good to know there is a follow up. I also took on the The Bookshop of Yesterdays – yet to read it.


  4. DEZZY says:

    What an imperial looking palace!
    Sorry to hear you were sick. Are you taking any natural supplements to ease the chemo effects? I know Russian chaga and some Japanese shrooms totally erase them if you use them. Also amigdalin (B17 vitamin from apricot core) and cannabis oil. And also a juice from certain type of aloe vera helps tons.


  5. Ti says:

    I make bistro box lunches for the girl to take to school. She is a constant snacker so they work well for her.

    I have had those rice crackers. They are very good but I eat the entire bag in one sitting.

    TWO Dramamine?? I would be unconscious.


  6. Stefanie says:

    We would benefit here from premade lunches. There are many homes being sold in our neighborhood the past 2.5 years. I don’t know if it’s because the kids are older and so the adults want to live elsewhere. But many new families buy in our neighborhood b/c of the schools.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      That’s always a good thing…our neighborhood is kind of like that too…we just both yearn for a more efficient house…we have rooms we never use! Three extra bedrooms are untouched unless we have family in…the more formal living room and the dining room…it’s silly…I want less space but more people friendly spaces. Sigh!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Vicki says:

    I see a few books I’d like to read. That is a beautiful living room! I’m in the process of downsizing, going from over 23,000 sq. ft. to around 900 sq. ft. Plus I’ll be in town. I can’t wait for the remodeling to be done, almost there!


  8. Mary says:

    Oooh, Jenny Colgan and Susanna Kearsley! I’ll watch for your thoughts.
    What lovely rooms – they look so warm and yet simply elegant. I want…
    I’ve been on a chicken salad/lettuce wrap kick lately. Getting ready for spring? Maybe. No, I’m definitely ready. Have a nice week and I hope that’s the end of the motion sickness!


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