Friday’s Fancies…

It is freezing here today…windy, blustery and really really cold.  It’s the kind of wind that makes my head hurt.  Our garden store says it’s time to plant pansies but we are supposed to have another Nor’easter next Wednesday…with snow!



Some of my spring stuff arrived this week…now I just need SPRING!  My Vans are comfy…so are my other shoes…everything is comfy and fits…no send backs!  Those black London Fly shoes are the softest leather ever…the inside is soft and kind of squishy…they look really plain here but on they are like a wedgy ballet flat which is just what I wanted.



I have been rewatching old fantasy movie this week…so far I have rewatched these…I loved rewatching them!


Citrusy Lemony Bread?  Who knew it would be so good!  This one has no butter but rather gets its moistness from Greek Yogurt.  So good!  I really want to make these Key Lime Pie Bars, too!  The lemony bread is from Simply Delicious and the Key Lime Bars are from simply scratch.

Plus…half baked harvest posted this bagel bar…


And this cake!  I want to create both!



I finished this last night…and cried for 20 minutes.  Everything about it was sweet and funny and sad.  It was a most beautiful book.  I did not read the first two books that are connected to this one…I don’t even know why!  But I really loved this one.  I will never forget Dean Martin The Dog…ever!


Now I am reading this one…another library ebook that I won’t write a review about…I am taking a weekend off!


I just might start this one, too…another library ebook!  Oh my!



I buy most of my cosmetics and lotions and potions from Nordstrom’s…almost everything I buy comes with a gift bag…I have acquired quite a few samples!  I use them when we travel…or run out or really…they are just fun to have…this week Den and I sorted them!  Here is what we ended up with!  The pink bin on the left is what we still want to sort through!  Can I help it if every time I buy something I get more samples?  Not my fault!  Not my fault at all!


I may try to go out to dinner tomorrow night…I miss it so and I just haven’t been up to it…the no hair thing and all…but maybe tomorrow is my break out day!  My hair is even longer…I want to get dressed up a bit…and I want an icy cold drink in a tall fancy glass!

Wish me luck!

Have a lovely weekend…


16 thoughts on “Friday’s Fancies…

  1. Stefanie says:

    What about wrapping most of your hair in a pretty scarf with cute tuffs showing, using pomade and your Nordstrom make up on? The MAC counter used to be my favorite place to go to try new products. I miss it. I used to have a bunch of stuff but have thrown it out since I’ve had them for years. I’m going to need foundation soon. I’ll go back to MAC at ULTA soon.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I have been wanting to read Saints for All Occasions…so now I’m adding it to my list for Overdrive! I will also add Still Me…but probably should read After You first.

    Yummy Greek yogurt goodies…I love eating it for lunch, too, just in a bowl.

    Pansies are a favorite flower. Enjoy, but after the Nor’easter, of course.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Saints for All Occasions is on my wish list. Hope you decide to read it, and then you can tell me whether or not I should 😉

    You made that citrusy lemon bread? I pinned it earlier this week… it looked SO good.

    Hope you decide to go out to dinner tomorrow night. Sounds like your hair is growing back and you certainly deserve a night out. Have a great weekend, Patty!


  4. Kathryn says:

    Great to hear you’ve finished and loved Still Me. Yeah wasn’t Dean Martin a different kind of dog – and his owner, can’t remember her name now but she grew on me. Love those pansies, hope your Spring comes soon. The first time I heard about Key Lime pie was some books set in Florida I think. I love the sound of the loaf. Shoes look really comfy.


  5. BermudaOnion says:

    It’s been so warm here, Carl wanted me to wash and put the blankets away. I told him we’ll need them again next week which didn’t make him very happy.

    I shopped for spring clothes last week but didn’t find anything that caught my fancy.

    Oh, please go out to dinner tomorrow! Ask them to tuck you away in a corner if you have to.


  6. DEZZY says:

    OMG that bagel bar looks like heaven and that cake looks lovely with those daisies! And such lovely shades of pansies, could be a good idea to plant them in all shades of violet!


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