Today Was A Monday That I Did Not Love…

But…today was a Monday where I learned quite a few great things and had a few disappointments…sigh!

We went to Trader Joe’s today…armed with a list…there were certain Trader Joe’s things that I was looking for…their Crunchy Salad Mix, their SW Salad Mix, mini multicolored carrots, Cowboy Veggie Burgers, organic Trader Joe’s Fritos, Green Dragon Hot Sauce and fresh eucalyptus….I had grand plans of popping vase after vase of fresh sweet smelling eucalyptus in every room.

Apparently our Trader Joe’s doesn’t stock fresh eucalyptus so that plan got bagged.  No mini multicolored carrots, either…just big giant ones…sigh…but there were sweet surprises…fresh English peas, tiny baby zucchini,  Vanilla Meringues that Den grabbed for our cart…in less than two seconds…and a few boxes of chocolates that Lucy is delivering to her vet techs tomorrow.   And lots of Trader Joe’s frozen veg mixes…I use them all of the time!

So…after Trader Joe’s we stopped at a place called Zoe’s Kitchen..healthy Mediterranean foods and lots of bowls…bowls of quinoa and cauliflower rice…and you can add other stuff to each bowl.  So…I thought I was getting a bowl…because what I ordered said  BOWL.  But when we got home there was no bowl in sight.  There was just an assortment of stuff without a bowl…for me…so I ate my bowlless soulless lunch bowl free.  Very sad!

Don’t these look like bowls to you?  I ordered the Power Grains Bowl! Den ordered the Cauliflower Rice Bowl and he got a bowl!  What I really wanted was a Falafel Bowl but they said there wasn’t any such thing.  However…after we paid we saw a huge sign with three different Falafel Bowls…I can’t even begin to tell you what happened…I guess it was a case of no bowls for me!  I even asked the man at the counter if I had to order cucumbers and tomatoes separately and he said…everything comes in your bowl!  What bowl?  Seriously it was like a comedy of errors…heck…it was a comedy of errors!


Books!  Finally!  Books…

OMG…I finished these by Sunday…both were sweet and sad and funny!  Go Ask Fannie was heartwarming…I loved it!

New books…I am mostly positive these came from NetGalley…


And this was in Sunday’s NYT…have you read any of these?


Ok…off to rest and think about why my bowl lacked its bowl…I am obsessing over this…sorry…but I just don’t get it!



22 thoughts on “Today Was A Monday That I Did Not Love…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    We don’t have a Zoe’s Kitchen…but it sounds like we need one!

    I have The High Tide Club…and I love the cover on The Problem Children.

    Today I’m reading Other People’s Houses (loving it!), and finished The Good Liar last night. Could not put it down!

    Enjoy your bowls…or not bowls…LOL.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Bowlless soulless salad! Oh dear. Now you have me wondering about Go Ask Fannie so I will need to look it up. I have the High Tide Club too and look forward to reading it a little later on.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I love Go Tell Fannie…really truly loved it. I even loved the siblings with all of their issues…and I loved the father…his thoughts about aging were great!

      What he did and what he hid from his kids so they wouldn’t worry about him! Yep…I still stand by the fact that my bowlless soulless salad was very sad…and made me mad!


  3. Ti says:

    What the heck is wrong with these people? It clearly says BOWL. I am such a smart ass. I’d probably call and ask them to refund me a portion of the cost because you clearly paid for a bowl and didn’t get one. I assume the cost of a bowl includes the bowl. No? I know you can put it in a bowl yourself but that is why you go out, so someone else can fix it up for you.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      They totaled goofed because I didn’t get the rice quinoa stuff that was supposed to be in the bowl …or the cucumbers or the tomatoes…there isn’t anyway to understand this because even weirder is how the manager was telling me not to order anything extra because it all came in my bowl! But…where did the bowl go?


  4. Stefanie says:

    WTH with that bowl place? That photo you showed says, “BOWL.” You should write them up on Yelp. I do that and it’s so satisfying. I will look up some of these books. Pls don’t go back there again.


  5. McGuffy's Reader says:

    The books look interesting. I want to read a couple of those!
    Don’t stress over little things. Choose your battles wisely. It matters.
    I have not been feeling very well, but it seems that the Sarcoidosis is active.
    Chloe Jo is really struggling with the Gastrointestinal Lymphoma. She has always had health issues. It breaks my heart.


  6. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    Stinks when orders get messed up. I usually don’t find out until I get home and it can be disappointing. The food looks tasty though!

    I am looking forward to reading The Problim Children. Not sure when I will get to it. Hope the new books you received will be good!


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