Friday’s Thoughts On Saturday Morning!

It’s Saturday morning and it’s still raining.  I woke up to Den watching Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle.  He swore he wasn’t going to watch it and yet he was fascinated by it.  Who knew?

Now the girls and I are ensconced in our comfy chairs watching Den sort through his closet.  It’s a bi-annual event that has no rhyme or reason for me.  He sorts through his clothes, he moves them around, he puts summery things forward.  Everything is neatly refolded and restocked until he can’t find the one shirt he wants and then things are out of sync again.   It takes forever because he is sorting through dozens and dozens of folded shirts, sweaters, short sleeved tees, long sleeved tees and hoodies.  That’s not even counting any of the hanging shirts.  We will all be here for a while.  Roxie is soon bored…but the sorting goes on…


I finished this…good but much of it was about poker playing and casinos and I didn’t love that part so this is probably my least favorite book of hers.


I am almost finished with this…and it’s intensely good.  A totally dysfunctional Irish family trying to hide lots of dirty family secrets…including a murder or two…and the dysfunction just gets more and more…dysfunctional.  I hate putting this one down!


This is a total inside weekend…again…it’s not supposed to stop raining until Monday!

We are going to rent Black Panther this afternoon and just stay in.  We live near so many little creeks and streams and rivers that there are flood warnings everywhere!

So in we shall stay…with either Ina’s Turkey Meatloaf or perhaps Garlicky Steak And Potatoes from The Kitchn…not sure yet.  But at least we’ll be dry and the only furries with us…so far…are these two…


Happy Weekend!


10 thoughts on “Friday’s Thoughts On Saturday Morning!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I recorded the wedding and watched it up to Meghan’s walk to Harry’s side.

    Now I’m at Dai Bai Dang for lunch before the movie Book Club.

    I have Lying in Wait…to read soon.

    Your food looks delicious!


  2. Stefanie says:

    My husband asked me this morning what’s the big deal about the wedding, LOL. I was up around 2 but went back to sleep. I liked many of the pictures on the Kensington Royal IG account this morning. I wanted to sew today so I didn’t spend the time online.


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    We are over the rain down this way and it’s in the forecast every single day for the next 10 days!

    I’ve been sorting through my closet, too, but I do get rid of stuff.

    I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t watch the wedding.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Don’t you just love closet sorting? We are going to get rain again soon! Everyone is racing to do their lawns. We don’t even cut ours any more but we kept the tractor and our lawn man called and asked us if we could cut our own this week. He is swamped!


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