Simply Stuff!

Shopping Stuff…

This has been an interesting week.  We haven’t had a plan and we seem to be doing things in a random order.  We went to IKEA so that I could see and sit on my chaise.  I remain undecided but Den found a swivelly chair for his new desk set.  His study is still chaotic because Bassett didn’t send any of the hardware for his many drawers.  It is taking almost as long to get the stuff they forgot as it was to get the actual desk! Den is very upset with them!  Today we went to my fave Antique Barn to look for another peely white dresser.  We found two of them!  We couldn’t fit them both in the car so we have to trek back on Monday to get the other one.  It has peely white paint everywhere and pinkish crystal knobs.  I love the knobs.  Now our room is a total sea of white!  We just have to figure out how to get both dressers up the stairs and into our room.  And the dressers that are in our room have to go in other rooms. This was a furniture crazy week!  We are truly trying to downsize!  My dressers aren’t in the house yet but these are similar to what we bought.

Reading Stuff…

I am reading this book…it’s incredibly good…every word is good…the characters are fascinatingly good.  It’s sad in parts…really sad.  It’s difficult to stop reading it!  It makes me mad that this is the only book I have read all week long!  No clue what I will pick up after this…I owe about a million reviews! Sigh!


Food Stuff…

We had lunch out yesterday and lunch out today after all of our driving trips so that meant late lunches and no real dinners.  I think I cooked once this week.  Den’s favorite restaurant is near my favorite antique store…it’s sort of a pub kind of place…they make incredibly good lunches and dinners…mostly local…I had a smoked salmon club and Den had a turkey burger bon mi…I had a beer called Old Speckled Hen and Den had his usual Guinness.  Yummy!

Weekend Stuff…

I don’t want to go out, eat out or run around this weekend.  I want to read and relax and watch the Murder, She Wrote Marathon on Saturday!  Den can’t wait!  The weather is so lovely we can’t stand it.  Windows are open…sun is shining…and it’s not raining!

See you on Monday!


16 thoughts on “Simply Stuff!

  1. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    You have been having quite the “furniture” week. The new style of dressers looks lovely.

    The weather has been amazing here- sadly I have been back at meetings for the past two days. Kids come next week. I was exhausted after two full days of meetings and had to take a nap after school. 🙂

    Hope you have a nice weekend!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      It’s so hard getting back into that routine! I remember the meetings all too well! My old new dressers! I love them! I thought about that, too…it’s been a furniture kind of month!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I do love white dressers and nightstands, etc.

    I also enjoyed Not Her Daughter…and I’ve only read two books so far this week…both good, except When the Lights Go Out had a terrible ending!

    Your food is making me hungry…but I’m not going out to eat tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I ate out earlier in the week.

    Right now I’m enjoying November Road, an Amazon Vine review book.

    Enjoy your Murder She Wrote Marathon…I only watch bits of that show, now and then, but someday I may sit down to binge-watch. I love the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I am surprised that you don’t like Murder, She Wrote…but it is so old and kind of “corny”…I couldn’t find a different word…and it’s fun to see all the people who were on it…and the hair…and Jessica…solving murders everywhere.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Great dressers… can’t wait to see photos of the ones you got. We had a really busy week, too, so I’m also looking forward to a low-key weekend. I’ll peruse some food sights to find interesting recipes for next week, make something simple for dinner, and start a new book. Just need to decide which one!


  4. DEZZY says:

    We adore us new furniture! I bought meself two new bookshelves a month ago, took me about four hours to assemble half of first one and then had to call the handy guy to just do it before I ruin everything. I took him about twenty minutes LOL


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