Ho…Ho…Ho…Sort Of…

The outside decorating is finally done…and the inside is 99% done.  Den decorated the tree.  Together we unbinned and put out most of the indoor Christmas pieces…Santas and trees and lights and snowmen…and all sorts of other bits of holiday stuff.  I try to arrange things differently every year.  For the longest time we had to decorate around Lucy Grace…because she could and would jump anywhere that had anything with fake greenery…she could spot it a mile away so those Santas and snowmen had to be way up high and sometimes even that wouldn’t stop her.  Now that she is a sweet elder kitty…she no longer has her obscene jumping moves!  We were even afraid to get an artificial tree!  She could eat it!  Lucy always seemed to sense which bin her fave snowman was in and try to carry him off so that they could be together!  We had to hide him, too!

I have bins filled with small things that I can’t decide whether to put out or not…Roxie likes helping with these.  My sweet girls are very helpful at Christmas!

This year’s tree looks almost like last year’s tree…a Noble Fir from Terrain.  Terrain this time of year is beautiful.  I love wandering around Terrain.



I just finished this and it was unbelievable!  Artists, stolen lives, lies, and unspeakable murders…it was so good!  It’s out in January!


Off to look at more bins,  wait for Den to bring home lunch…Capriotti’s roasted turkey subs…and we get to watch Top Chef!  Have an awesome weekend and I will see you on Monday…with more books and more Christmas!


18 thoughts on “Ho…Ho…Ho…Sort Of…

  1. Kathryn says:

    Oh that is so funny about Lucy and the bits of greenery, made me chuckle. I am glad to know she just looks and enjoys these days! The book sounds excellent. Always good when that happens.


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    I love your tree! I decorated while Carl was gone and couldn’t get to all the boxes so didn’t do as much this year. I’ve missed some of the things that didn’t make it out but will enjoy them more next year when they return.


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