Seriously…Petty Stuff…And Books!

I kind of love that word petty…and part of this post is petty…I admit it.  But…part of the fun of buying beauty stuff online from Nordstrom’s is that before you go to your shopping bag to check out you get to pick 3 amazing beauty samples…3!!!  Not one or two but three!  I love these samples and Den…who loves them, too…well…we both took one day and organized them into all the free beauty bags Nordstrom’s sends along with the samples.  Body lotions, face lotions, perfumes, face washes, eye makeup removers and lots more categories…if we run out we grab a sample and we are set and we are happy.  We have a ton of these samples!

My newest absolutely favorite perfume is by Jo Malone.  It’s absolutely scrummy.  It’s fresh…so fresh I smell like a really good forest!  My favorite is woods and sage…but these two samples came with my latest purchase.  Plus you still get to choose three other samples and plus if you bought any perfume over $60.00 you got another Nordstrom’s bag filled with 29 other samples! I think I love the samples more than the big stuff!


So I got these three samples…

Plus these…don’t they look enticing?  A bag filled with 29 samples!


Anyway…my petty issue is this…Nordstrom’s has a glitch in their system and the samples were not being put in my packages!  You could call them and they would send them but it got to be such a pain!  Petty Patty over these samples…but I am all about companies keeping promises!  Anyway a Nordstrom’s package is on the way to me and it’s the true test of whether the glitch is fixed or not!  I will let you know!  And petty or not…if my 32 samples aren’t in my box…I will be calling Nordstrom’s.

On to books…these yummy luscious ones are from Publishers and Edelweiss…

I am waiting for word on this one and keeping my bookish fingers crossed!  I love Jane Green!


Hope you have yummy books to read, too!


12 thoughts on “Seriously…Petty Stuff…And Books!

  1. Stefanie says:

    I am about efficient service also. Nordstrom has good customer service I think. I think samples are good because it can be a gamble with face and skin products. I don’t wear perfume anymore but the only scent I have used is Tresor by Lancome. My mum bought that for me probably in high school and I used to wear it all the time.


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