It’s Friday But Not A Fun One…

I just had the most annoying shopping trip at Wegman’s and I wasn’t even in the store!  I was at home while Den was there.  He had a specific list…but Wegman’s on a Friday was out of EVERYTHING!!!  Den went there to get cooked sushi for me and regular sushi for him.  We wanted edamame, seaweed salad, avocado rolls.  They had nothing left at noon on a Friday!  Plus all I could hear were carts bumping, wheels rattling and Den asking me for the 10th time if I like fake crab because that’s all they had.  I do not eat fake crab.  Ick.  It doesn’t even sound good…like fake pizza doesn’t sound good.

I am at home because it was a Chemo/Neulasta week with enough steroids tossed in to make me crabby and short on patience.

That’s my story and I am using it as my defense.  I felt so awesome until chemo…sigh!

Then I felt awesome until Neulasta…now my awesomeness is gone.


Abbi Waxman is saving me this week!  I love her writing, her characters, her dialogue…I have been on an Abbi Waxman adventure this week.  Other People’s Houses was amazing.  But the one I am reading now is all about books and libraries and quirky characters who play Trivia Games at Craft Beer Places and it’s so delightful.  Plus there is always a unique kitty in her books!  I love these books!  A character from the Garden Of Small Beginnings appeared in Other People’s Houses.  So I am looking for an appearance in Nina Hill, too.  So far the Bookish Life Of Nina Hill is a joy to my soul!

I am also reading this which is not so joyous to my soul but is holding me captive.  Young women at a local college are falling asleep and not waking up…I am not sure about it yet but it has my attention!  Totally!


Have a lovely weekend.  I will be battling Neulasta for a few days but then I will be okay! Can’t wait to see you Monday with more thoughts about books.



18 thoughts on “It’s Friday But Not A Fun One…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, what a disappointment that all your favorite things are not available today…but I’m glad you are loving Abbi Waxman’s books. I loved the first two, and now need to get the third one.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a better weekend.


  2. Stefanie says:

    Sorry you won’t get to eat the food you’ve been looking forward to. Yeah, I think Thursdays/Fridays can be days where the store or like Costco don’t have much in selection. I try to go M-W. Now I’m curious about Abbi Waxman; gonna check out her books on Goodreads.


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    How could they be out of everything? Are you expecting snow? Fake food doesn’t sound good to me either and I can’t imagine it’s good for you. I hope next week is better.


  4. Kathryn says:

    Hmm fake crab – my goodness what next. I have read one Abbi Waxman book but The Bookish Life of Nina Hill needs to go onto my reading list. Hope you’ll get through and out of the latest doses. You didn’t lose your awesomeness, it just feels like that.


  5. lakesidemusing says:

    Oh, no… how can Wegmans be out of everything on Friday?? Wonder if snowstorms and weather made deliveries a problem. Sounds like a blah weekend for you with the Neulasta…the Abbi Waxman books do look wonderful though. I’d like to try them. Our middle daughter (Twin B) is visiting from NYC. So good to have her here. Wish she didn’t have to go back tomorrow. Hope you’re feeling better soon!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I am sure it’s fun just to have her here for even a short stay. I am working my way through Neulasta…slowly. We are finding out that we should not go to Wegman’s on a Friday!


  6. Mary says:

    Glad to hear about the reoccurring characters in Waxman’s books. I’ve only read the first but hope to catch up someday. I had the audiobook of the second from the library but it expired before I could listen. It was over the holidays and I just ran out of time.
    I hope you start feeling better this weekend.


  7. Carol Evans says:

    I’m sorry your Friday was lousy. I hope your weekend was a bit better.
    I’ve never read anything by Abbi Waxman, but those covers are so cute.


  8. Ti says:

    I guess Den needs to get there before the lunch rush next time. Same thing happened to me at Whole Foods a couple of weeks back. Did you know that fake crab is all wheat? So nope, I can’t eat it, although I did’n’t mind it before Celiac. It’s in most sushi rolls which limits what I can get these days. Right now I am trying to figure out what to get for lunch. I am going out today. Maybe a taco salad on a crisp corn shell.


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