Just Another Frenzied Monday?

I don’t know why we do this to ourselves…but today Lucy had fluids at 9:00, Den has an appointment at 10:20, he needs to zip to the grocery store for a few basics after that, then to the Dairy for milk…we only like milk from their grass fed cows…when I go I pet them…then he is picking up a sandwich from Capriotti’s for lunch…we are craving their slow roasted turkey, I had an appointment at noon but I rescheduled it and then our alarm people are coming at two because a bell somewhere in our system keeps ringing…randomly and annoyingly.  So pretty much today is filled.  We won’t relax until after the security guy leaves.  Whew!  I have a cat scan on Thursday  and I am trying not to stress over it.  Oh…the ice maker on our new refrigerator has stopped working…so annoying…so the refrigerator people come out once a week to try something new.  They order new parts constantly and nothing seems to ever work.  They will be out again later this week.

Lately I have been thinking of myself as two different people…Carefree Patty and Worrier Patty.  With a cat scan looming you can guess who I am this week.

Oh my!


I am still reading this and it’s really good.  Interesting characters with complex relationships.  Parts are in London, parts are in NYC.  These character driven books are what Jane Green does and I always love them.


New books from NetGalley…

New books from Edelweiss…

Hopefully your Monday is more relaxed than mine.  I always find Monday’s stressful.



22 thoughts on “Just Another Frenzied Monday?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I hate crazy Mondays…and weeks. I try to avoid appointments on Mondays, but I have one tomorrow, which isn’t much better.

    Can’t wait to get the Jane Green book.

    I am loving I Invited Her In.

    Take a deep breath and sail through the week.


  2. aubieal0878 says:

    I was frenzied just reading your schedule!
    Your frig isn’t a Samsung is it? My cousins got a new one and constantly had issues with it, so they traded it and got a different brand. Me, I like Whirlpool.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Thank goodness it isn’t a Samsung…we heard not so good things about them…I have to double check the brand…it was really well rated but it’s the stupid ice maker that is giving us issues!


  3. aubieal0878 says:

    I had an 11:30 appointment and just rescheduled till 2:00. I don’t know why I said 11:30 I hate Monday appointment s and usually avoid them too!


  4. BermudaOnion says:

    I don’t blame you for being a worrier this week but feel sure you’re going to get a good report. Last week and this week are full of doctors and dentists for us (plus hair and nails for me). Who is Den rooting for in basketball?


  5. Mary says:

    Hope all gets sorted out. I can understand the worry factor so I hope you can escape into books and before you know it the scan will be behind you.
    I didn’t know about the new DB Frank book! Off to add it to my GR list.


  6. Kathryn says:

    Well I sure identify with the two sides of your personality, and along with that I think of inspiring Patty as well. I have definitely put the Jane Green book into my notebook to get on your rec. I have enjoyed some of her other books as well. Like you I like a good character driven read. All the best for Thursday.


  7. Mary jo krumpak says:

    Last week water line was worked on. When water came back on I no longer had ice. That lasted 3-4 days, filled ice cube trays. Yesterday I heard strange noises coming from the kitcyen. The computer kicked in and I gave ice again!!!


  8. Ti says:

    Our ice machine leveler was off. The tray was installed slightly off kilter so the leveler that reads the water line wasn’t picking up that there was ice in there…. so no ice. Had to take it out and make it level and now it works. Maybe that’s the issue.

    CAT scans. A good thing because they tell you what you need to know but I know the lead-up is terrifying. It will be okay. Thursday is almost here and you will be able to enjoy the weekend.


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