A Tiny Voice & Books…

Roxie Blue is a teeny tiny kitty but she has a powerful voice.  It’s actually a tiny little squeak but she uses it to get us to do exactly what she wants us to do.  She somersaults onto us…Lucy included.  She stands in front of our master bedroom closet door and squeaks at us…that’s where her toys are.  She sits on a bedside table and watches Den…which then makes him say to me…I think Roxie is mad at me.  Neither one of us can walk down our upstairs hallway without her racing ahead of us…trying to entice us to chase her.  Yesterday some neighbors stopped in to bring us some yummy Easter Bread.  We sat around our entryway chatting and Roxie was right there…chirping along with the conversation…somersaulting on feet…doing anything she could to get noticed.  From the moment we got her we were told about her “chirping”.  She opens her mouth and nothing comes out except for a hoarse little squeak.  It’s sooooo cute!  But lately she seems to use her little squeak in a very commanding way…

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I am reading all three of these and I don’t exactly know how that happened…

New books!

From NetGalley…

From Edelweiss…

The day…

We have some errands to run…it’s another not so sunny day…Den is kind of sad because someone ran a golf cart all over are lawn exactly where he is trying to grow grass.  Poor Den!  Between the geese and golf carts and little motorized bikes and water drainage…our lawn is hard to maintain.  I want to toss wildflower seeds everywhere but…I don’t think it’s happening!  And then this guy showed up!  And even this guy is all over Den’s lawn!

Have a Happy Monday!


23 thoughts on “A Tiny Voice & Books…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love how those kitties make their wishes known in various ways. A squeaky and commanding voice would be impossible to ignore.

    I just finished Sunset Beach…loved it!!!

    We had a lovely day yesterday…and now my Northern California son and DIL are heading back north…sigh.

    Enjoy your week.


  2. Mary says:

    Bummer about the lawn woes. How frustrating for Den.
    I love the kitty pics. They are full of so much personality!
    And that last guy (turtle?) – wow!


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Aww, Roxie… I’d love to hear that squeak! Sorry about your lawn… Den must be furious. People can be so rude! I’m afraid to see what our lawn in NY looks like by the time we get back. We’ll have days and days of work ahead of us! I’m not looking forward to it.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      That’s the thing about lawns and houses…they always need something…like our dormers! Roxie’s tiny meow is truly sweet to hear! I am going to try and record her for Instagram!


  4. Ti says:

    At first I thought you were going to say that someone drove a golf cart over that tortoise!
    You sure have a lot of excitement going on around your house. LOL.

    Guess what? I came home last night and no bees. I did light some more smoke just to make sure. I am in a very weird place right now. I am motivated but not. I really want to start working on the project that I keep teasing but when I get to starting, I talk myself out of it. Of course, I wasn’t feeling all that great lately and still feel a little cruddy but it will never happen if I don’t start.

    Today I do not have a good lunch. Part of my cruddy feeling is no appetite. I brought eggs to make egg salad which I normally love but right now? Meh. Not sure it will actually be eaten come lunch time.


  5. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    We have trouble with our lawn too- not golf carts, but it is hard for grass to grow. Maybe this year it will do better. Hope your lawn sees good growth. 🙂

    How interesting that Roxie chirps. Super cute!

    Enjoy all your books!


  6. Carol Evans says:

    Roxie sounds adorable.
    We have too much grass according to my husband. And the kid who was supposed to cut it this week hasn’t shown up yet.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Uh oh…that happens to us too and Den gets so frustrated! I am so sick of all the time that goes into lawns…and $$$…

      I have to say Roxie is so cute…Tonkinese cats are described as tiny dogs…they fetch and play and like to walk on a leash…they just don’t bark…they squeak and chirp!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Yes..our lots are close to two acres and our house is right at the edge of the pond. Our across the pond neighbors have a golf cart…their boys use it when they fish or want to come to our side of the pond. It’s fun! They decorate the cart for holidays! I love girl names for girl kitties and I love the name Roxie and her eyes are blue…so we have Roxie Blue…Lucy is calmer so she is Lucy Grace…I love two names together…if I get another kitty she will be Poppy Petunia! Our 2 pond geese have names, too…Edgar and Jemima!

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