A Whole Lotta Reading Not Going On?

I seriously need to read faster.  Plus I need to start reading more during the day!  I haven’t been able to fall asleep quickly or stay asleep for long periods of time for a while now.  But one of the side effects of taking these “perp inhibitors” is that I fall asleep hard and I stay asleep…now waking up at 7 or sometimes even close to 8!  I did much of my heavy reading during those night time hours when I could not sleep.   I sleep actually holding onto my Kindle.  I used to love those late night hours when I would just read!  But now that time is gone!  I actually sleep deeply and wake up refreshed!  It’s kind of scary!  And my Kindle is on the same page that I started on!  Oh me oh my!  One of my solutions is that I want Den to watch more of the kind of TV that he likes to watch…baseball, golf, Bosch, ESPN, GOT…I can read while boring stuff is on.  I kind of strongly dislike GOT…


I am almost finished with this book.  If I had a weekend of sleepless nights I would have finished it but I slept beautifully all weekend!  This book is so good.  A lone jogger disappears and is found brutally murdered.  Then…others are found…serial murders?  Yep!


New books…

From NetGalley…

From Edelweiss…

My Edelweiss mix includes The Dutch Girl…an intense book about siblings and a yummy middle grade book plus a YA fantasy.

Pork Chops!

I did them the way my mom did and they were amazing.  My parents would have used a thinner unstuffed chop but the ones Den brought home were MONSTERS…STUFFED MONSTERS!  See them here…all that stuff surrounding them is stuffing!

This week’s dinners…

Chicken with an easy wedge salad,  Eggplant Parmesan, Cauliflower Gnocchi with sausage and vegetables.  Yum!

This is the way Den brings the girls to breakfast…they wait for him to do this every morning!


We are off to see Avengers tomorrow at noon!


Have a great Monday!


22 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Reading Not Going On?

  1. DEZZY says:

    I wouldn’t say I strongly dislike GOT – I hate it with passion 🙂 I think GOT is everything that is wrong with American society these days – sick infatuation with violence, glorification of butchery and bloodthirsty sickness and other base primal instincts. They feed the audience on that so that the people would be numbed and thus accept real vicious terrorism attacks of USA on other countries more easily. Once they’ve seen it all on the small and big screens, reality does not really bother them much, sadly 😦 And what’s even worse – they’re hungry for more.
    And it is so poorly written, directed and acted…. I don’t know when has the world lowered its standards so much 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lakesidemusing says:

    Hooray for sleeping soundly again, but I guess that does mean you need to find a new reading routine. I’ll bet Den will be glad to cooperate, lol! All your books are new to me, so I look forward to hearing about them as you make your way through the stack. The pork chops look amazing!!


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    O, GOT! I haven’t even tried to watch it, since I know I would hate it. I don’t like anything that almost everybody loves…LOL. Me, the rebel, peace-loving person. But I do like books and movies about serial killers. Go figure. Probably because justice comes?

    I want Such a Perfect Wife! Soon! And stuffed pork chops. Yum!

    Enjoy your Monday…and your week.


  4. Mary says:

    I don’t watch GOT – not by design but I wasn’t curious enough to find out what the fuss is all about. Besides, so many books, you know?
    Love the kitty pic – made me LOL.
    I’m jealous of your solid sleep!


  5. Greg says:

    I love to read late at night, when it’s quiet! Although I do often find myself falling asleep… 🙂

    Game of Thrones is a mixed bag for me. I love the books, have never liked the show much. I think it’s so gratuitous at times… part of that is HBO, I think. Their way of doing things, their “niche”, whatever. I’ve been watching this new season just to see where they take the ending, since the books are… slow to come out, we’ll say. lol But the show hasn’t impressed me over much.

    That’s cute about the cats!

    And enjoy Endgame!!


  6. Kathryn says:

    Hope you enjoy (ed) The Avengers – I heard good things about it. I know I’d rather much more sleep than read at night. If I wake and I do usually quite early I Listen to podcasts – which often put me back to sleep! That’s a good swag of books coming in, the Ann Patchett one looks and sounds interesting.


  7. Stefanie says:

    Those foods look delicious. Cute pic of Den and the fur babies. We will see the Avengers movie one of these days; yeah, I heard recently it was three hours. Oh boy.


  8. Ti says:

    Those pork chops.

    Sorry that I haven’t been by. I am not feeling well at all. I was at the hospital getting some tests done and some immediate pain relief for this stomach thing. Still waiting on tests. I am so so right now but not as bad as a week ago. You know me, I wait and wait but mostly because I don’t have the time to go in and see a doc but I couldn’t wait any longer. I saw Endgame and then went to the hospital. See how I work?


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