A Dreary Day…

It’s not very sunny today.  Den is playing golf and he was fussing all the while that he was getting ready that it is humid here…he wants to move back out west…blah blah blah…I was happy to gently push him out the door and tell him to have fun.  Seriously.  I am looking forward to blogging, reading blogs, answering blogs and writing my review of this book…


I plan to finish this today but I will have to take some time for tea because my Jammiedodgers and Oaty Hobnobs should arrive any minute.  Plus this is the perfect book for tea and biscuits…very British…


We spent some of yesterday placing pots and getting everything ready for flower planting.  Den wants more flowers than ever this year.  We will probably drive to some Amish farms near us to get plants.  Actually planting the flowers is my favorite part of this process.  We save photos of what we have done so we can better decide what to do next!  My only rule is no red flowers!

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Have a happy weekend!  I will see you on Monday!  Hopefully with memories of Hobnobs!


24 thoughts on “A Dreary Day…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Sounds like a good day for you. I had to smile at the image of Den fussing and wanting to move out West. We do have many perfect aspects…but then we also have wildfires, earthquakes, and very hot summers. LOL.

    Enjoy your books, and I love the flowers.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Den grew up in Colorado…he wants to live there. I can’t even contemplate a move. Den getting dressed for anything is complicated. He will try clothes on and then rip them off and it never ends. Last week he didn’t have any light cardigans or sweaters for our weather. I bought him two this week. If he doesn’t have ready outfits in his closet he is stumped. And I am the one who has to buy these ready outfits. Sigh!


  2. Kathryn says:

    I hope those biscuits arrive in time for the tea ceremony before you finish the book. Love the idea. All your flowers are gorgeous, so I am sure you’ll pick out lovely ones for this year.


  3. Mary says:

    Your flowers are lovely. I can’t wait to fill a few pots. Can’t wait for your biscuit review! I’ve been thinking about the ones with jam.


  4. DEZZY says:

    Gorgeous garden photos indeed! I don’t like them red either, white and some other colour would be my rule! Our flowers have been very strange this year, from tulips and daffodils to lilacs and lily of the valley, everything bloomed modest this season. We currently have irises in all colours blooming, next are probably roses.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I love lilacs and lily of the valley…the scents are so lovely. I have lily of the valley from my mother’s garden that I brought to mine. They pop up every year…more and more of them. I bet your flowers are lovely, too. Thank you, Sweet Dezzy!


      • DEZZY says:

        Just don’t let the kittens eat them, the red berry that develops on lily of the valley if you don’t cut the flowers… are deadly poisonous, purfect for a murder mystery 🙂 I think the leaves are toxic too. Lilacs are, however, OK, I believe fairies like to wash their faces with lilac dew :))


      • Patty Magyar says:

        I hope they are all over my lilacs. My purple ones do not smell as delicious as my white ones. I am so careful about what I bring in the house as flower arrangements. One kitty brushed her face against the dark stamens in a bouquet of lilies and had a dark mustache for two weeks. Now if I bring those in I cut the stamens off and put them out of reach…though not much is out of reach for my kitties! Thank you for sharing your gems of Dezzy wisdom!


  5. Ti says:

    I know how much you enjoy your flower planting… well, how you enjoy the end result.
    Come out West! You probably don’t mean this far west.


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