I am fatigued. It is most likely from these pills that I take twice a day. I am also too soft on me! I need to force myself to walk every day instead of giving in to all of my own excuses. I have to get tougher and stronger. I need to wake up and toss a kitty into a stroller and walk my block! Instead I sip coffee, I read, I think, I plan…anything to avoid that morning workout!

Ok…that was my speech to myself! I don’t even know the difference between being fatigued and being tired. The word used with these pills is fatigue. I guess I should look it up…google it…and beat fatigue up! Pow!

Reading this…typical fast paced can’t put down book by this author…

Our plan is to have a relaxing long weekend. We are making lobster rolls, hotdogs, hamburgers and getting ribs from our local BBQ place…not on the same day. We still have to plant more flowers. It poured yesterday on our way to get flowers so we had to abort our trip! We plan on deck sitting and watching the antics around the pond. We have fishing boys, ducks, geese, egrets and herons. This guy visited yesterday. The boys who fish catch the same three fish over and over again!

So…have a great weekend! See you on Monday! The weather promises to be fabulous here! I also can’t put my text in the middle any more. WP is still irritating me!


18 thoughts on “Fatigue?

  1. Mary says:

    Take a kitty for a walk and then go easy on yourself 🙂
    We’re supposed to warm up on Saturday!
    Have a nice weekend. Your plans sound perfect.


  2. Peggy says:

    I know how you feel! Tired can be solved with a good nights sleep or nap. Fatigue is an underlying symptom to a bigger problem and generally can’t be solved with a good nights sleep or nap. The bigger problem has to be solved to banish the fatigue. That’s my take on the difference anyway. I have that fatigue from the parathyroid and no amount of rest or sleeping diminishes it. You just have to push through when you can and wisely rest when you can’t. Just remember ‘this to shall pass’ brighter days ahead. It will all still be there to do tomorrow! Your weekend sounds wonderful!


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I feel exhausted, having spent the morning at the new place, filling out papers and waiting for the doctor to send the reports that should have come two weeks ago. Sigh.

    Most of them came, but one test result was not completed. Why can’t they get things done right?

    I am sure my daughter was hoping I would be gone by now. LOL.

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  4. Kathryn says:

    I like Peggy’s explanation of fatigue and in your case sounds very plausible. I am not taking your pills and its hard enough to push myself out of the house and go for a walk. I just hold myself to 20 min each day, yesterday no, new start today. I am not a Harlan Coben reader but I do see his books around a lot. Seems like your diet is more upmarket than the fishing boys. (Are they birds?)


  5. June says:

    I’m trying to get back on track with my walking too. It really helps with your blood chemistry and metabolism. If only I didn’t love sugar so much! Ugh!! 😾


  6. Stefanie says:

    I make myself put on my workout gear in the morning so when I come back from drop off I know I have to work out. Tuesdays and Thursdays I dread since I have to do crunches and weights and have been taking longer to get through those after the half an hour of elliptical. The lobster rolls sound yummy! Do you buy already cooked lobster or make it yourself first?


  7. DEZZY says:

    And to think many people on Blogger want to move over to WP 🙂
    Hope fatigue goes away soon!
    Can kitties be led on a leash or just in a stroller? My cats are yard animals, so I don’t know.


  8. Ti says:

    Fatigue, to me, is not something you can help. If’s what happens to your body when it’s just trying to run and do the normal things. Tired, is caused by something specifically and can be corrected with rest. That’s my definition!

    Throw a kitty in the stroller but you didn’t say which one!


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