Um hmmm…


We are having some coolish kind of weather. Windows are open right now and I am chilled…really chilled!

I started a great book yesterday. It’s a historical mystery with lots of fascinating facts! It takes place in NYC as well as Europe…it deals with secrets, lies and a terrible time in Germany when people were persecuted. But at its heart is a lovely Irish family that knows how to come together to help others. It’s really a great book!

Nothing much going on today…we may slip out to see Rocket Man but we may just as easily wait until tomorrow when there is more of a chance of rain. I have been obsessed with this series on Britbox and Prime…Scott & Bailey. I abruptly hit the last episode yesterday and I was so sad…it’s mystery, crime and relationships…I loved it and it’s done!

Off to chill…actually off to try to get warm!


13 thoughts on “Um hmmm…

  1. Mary says:

    Cool and rainy in my area. I’m wearing jeans and a long sleeve cotton sweater. Summer, where’d you go??? I heard Rocket Man was pretty good.


  2. DEZZY says:

    Coolish? Lucky you! We are under insane tropical heat wave currently, it is 45*C outside, one feels like being in an oven. I’m not going out till Autumn, just throw me some food through my cage.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Did you go see Rocket Man? I want to see that, too. It’s cold and rainy here today…. 50s all day. A good day to go to the movies! Starting to wonder if the whole summer will be like this 😦


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