Off We Go!

Today is our one hour one minute trek to Skippack, PA…for hair cuts for both of us. We usually stop at Starbucks for a Pomegranite Lemonade and on our way home we usually stop at Basta Pasta for linguini or a Caesar Salad and Garlic Knots. I am not feeling very hungry right now so we will decide later. My pill friends are kind of acting up. Ick!

I am still reading this but it’s sharing space with The Floating Feldmans…a family story that takes place on a cruise ship. It’s really good!

So…I am off to get my head and stomach straight for this ride!


10 thoughts on “Off We Go!

  1. Kathryn says:

    I see above you love your hair so sounds like a successful trip. Mmm a cruise ship story, fun. I only ever went on one cruise between New Zealand and Australia. Let’s say it was very rough and even though I never got sick it was scary!


  2. DEZZY says:

    I always find it interesting how you Americans are not bothered by long distances, and hour drive is a whole different city in my country LOL It usually takes me that much by intercity bus when I’m visiting my publisher in the capital of Vojvodina and three hours to Belgrade. I don’t do it often. I think we walk more than Americans here. I walk half an hour to the city few times a week to do shopping, as I prefer exercise to buses and cars. But I hear you often don’t have sidewalks everywhere….


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