I Think We Are Accepting Our New Normal…

It’s just the three of us now but that’s ok. I started a new treatment today and that’s ok. I want to get strong, read, write, and go back to where our life was before…minus one…but we are ok with that. I am reading and loving this. It’s uncomplicated and joyful!

So…I am off to watch Guy’s Grocery Games instead of watching Muller get hammered…my bad!


10 thoughts on “I Think We Are Accepting Our New Normal…

  1. Mary says:

    Yes, uncomplicated and joyful – describes ‘Nina Hill’ perfectly 🙂
    I was out all day yesterday visiting my mom at her care home so I (happily) missed the spectacle.
    I hope the new treatment helps!


  2. June says:

    I’m glad you’re moving along smoothly. I woke up the other morning–and throughout several days–thinking of Lucy. My husband said I don’t do “change” well and apparently, that includes other people’s changes too! Lol!!😸. Love you guys!!💕


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