I Didn’t Mean To…

But I didn’t write my blog yesterday! Some of my numbers were down so I only had half chemo yesterday but it still knocked me out the moment I hit my bed. Den is still telling me to walk walk walk but I just want to rest rest rest!

I am reading this book. And it’s ok.

I wanted to read this one but it was sooooo sad for my mood right now!

These were all kind of sad, too. All it took was one off sentence and I felt that it was heading in a sad direction. And then I asked myself why am I reading these sad books?

Even Roxie is embracing sad. The other night she stayed up all night and cried in this tiny soft squeaky voice….no smiles here! We could not soothe her!

Off to watch House Hunters and then read! Have a happy Thursday!


15 thoughts on “I Didn’t Mean To…

  1. Mary says:

    Oh, poor Roxie. Do you read on the deck? Fresh air and sun might help your mood and energy. I hope you feel up to doing a bit more each day. I’m about 200 pages into The Perfect Son and I don’t know who to trust!


  2. aubieal0878 says:

    Oh poor Roxie misses Lucy so much! Even Nico still still cry for Tallulah, Boogie and Hula…so many losses for him. The new kittens have helped he seems to be accepting them more and more. You may think it’s too soon but maybe it’s what Roxie needs💋😕
    Only Den & you can figure out when the time is right.

    Mary is right, getting outside and laying in the sun for half hour each day should help your serotonin levels and vitamin D…maybe taking Roxie outside on a harness/ lead would also help Roxie and distract her from her sadness. Get her out of the old routine and into a new one with you.


  3. Shirley McCollough Cantriel says:

    I wonder if Roxie was softly crying because she misses Lucy. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone Shirley McCollough Cantriel


  4. Stefanie says:

    Aw, poor Roxie. Do you have something of the other kitty that she can sleep with? Yeah, sad books with so much drama won’t cut it for me. I can just read my news feed.


    • Stefanie says:

      Mortimer is a big baby; she mews for her sister when she doesn’t want to be alone and/or can’t find her. When my teen is in the bathroom washing up for bed, Mortie is mewing in her room like she’s being tortured LOL.


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