I Am On A Roll…A Chocolatey One!!!

I have to apologize for my over the top enthusiasm for my followers and now I have one more…next thing I know…I will get a big check from Amazon…hee hee hee…I don’t even really know blogger protocol…right now I feel as though I have to send emails to my followers and thank them profusely…and now with an eleventh follower…if you can imagine somersaults and lots of screaming…that would be me…thank you all again so much…

As to those chocolates that I won at Trader Joe’s yesterday…I am on this chocolate sort of winning streak…I received a book in the mail the other day from Random House and a bag of Hershey’s Bliss milk chocolates was included with my book!!!  And my husband has been in Europe for the last few days, specifically Holland, and he just called to tell me he is on his way home with a huge box of amazing Belgium artisanal chocolates…I should just hop on my treadmill now…in preparation…

Now to books…I decided to not read City Of Bones…I have it on my Kindle in reserve.   For some reason my need right now is this mass of YA Fantasy.   I am reading Evernight…vampires…and it is really really good.   I have no clue how long my fascination with this genre will stay with me…I have put all “grown up” books on hold for awhile and cannot help being totally absorbed with this area of fiction.   I also have this compulsion to read every book in each series…all in a lovely row…before I can move on to a new book.

It is a snowy day here I am having a difficult time doing something other than read…although…the table is set…the house is clean and properly tidy…and there is a roast in the slow cooker…I recently acquired a new slow cooker book…entitled “The Italian Slow Cooker” by Michelle Scotoline…and I am making the Italian roast for dinner…it is smothered in red wine and tomatoes and garlic and onions and carrots and celery…and we will have it for dinner over creamy polenta…made creamy by a bit of goat’s cheese…the house smells wondrously warm and good.  

2 thoughts on “I Am On A Roll…A Chocolatey One!!!

  1. Kris says:

    I'm jealous about the chocolate too! although I admit to currently eating raisinets, i figure at least that way I get in some fruit too. haha!

    love the header photo..although I'm glad I'm not living with all that snow.


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