What Happened To My Eleventh Follower?

How could I lose a follower…yesterday I had eleven and now I am back to ten again…I must have been just too enthusiastic and welcoming…and I scared my eleventh follower away…I am a bit sad…and Lucy is sad and puzzled right along with me.  I am right in the middle of Evernight by Claudia Gray.  This is just the sort of book I am in the mood for.  It involves a creepy boarding school, some mysterious students, and an evil head mistress.  And, of course, an amazingly handsome fighter of evil.   I will write more when I finish this book.  I had great plans today to make homemade manicotti.   The kind where you make crepes to stuff the ricotta stuffing in and then of course you must make homemade marinara sauce.  But,  I am engrossed in watching CSI reruns and I am talking myself out of it.   Dinner thoughts now involve bringing home sushi…we shall see…


3 thoughts on “What Happened To My Eleventh Follower?

  1. Old Bookworm says:

    I've had this happen too but don't take it personally. Sometimes someone follows then finds they don't have time and so they leave. Or they decide to move on into another area–who knows? The main thing is to write about what you love and take it all with a grain of salt.

    If you have any left over chocolate, will you share? 🙂 I bet it is all gone!! LOL


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