My Thoughts About This Book…

Hmmm…loved it.  Totally engrossing, rich images, just enough mystery and dysfunction to make this book very special.  Picture in your mind a lovely artist retreat in the hills of New England that has been turned into a school.  Now focus on the idea that the school is run by an unusual dean with a mysterious past.  The main character of this book has been recently widowed and is left virtually penniless.  Meg Rosenthal and her daughter  Sally are forced to sell nearly all that they own in order to pay off debts and survive.  Meg arrives to teach art history at the school and Sally will  be a student.  Both are broken and bereft.   Both are trying to find their way in their new reality.  The school is surrounded in secrets and mystery and it is about to unravel for everyone.  So…that is all that I am going to say…this is a lovely book with tons of twists and turns.  It has adventure, romance, mystery…it has tea and scones and hearty beef stew and a great diner!!!  It has an abrupt Irish cook who needs to feed everyone.  And it has a handsome sheriff and saviour…and it has a believable ending.

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