Happy Bunny Day…otherwise known as Easter Sunday!!!

It is a lovely sunny peaceful day…the required number of Peeps have been consumed…as well as some amazing chocolate covered ones.  There is nothing that has to get finished today.  Dinner will be a rack of lamb encrusted with herbs and Dijon mustard.  With that we will also have fresh asparagus and baby potatoes…dessert will be a juicy wedge of watermelon…yum!!!  We went to a local dairy yesterday…and bought their fresh milk.  We bought some little bottles to taste on the way home and it was so frighteningly good…the cows were happy and peaceful and not injected with anything.  Babies were everywhere!!!  We also bought local fresh eggs from them.  The story in our area about these eggs is that if you want to go to the actual egg farm…you will drive down a long long long driveway and actually walk into the farmhouse kitchen of a now 92 year old lady who is the egg czar…she sits in her kitchen, tells lovely stories and sells these most beautiful brown eggs.  I boiled an entire dozen yesterday…and they are truly so pretty that I didn’t miss adding any Eastery colors.  They also peel so easily I was shocked.  Our new routine will be getting this fresh milk and these fresh eggs weekly.  Oh…bonus…next week they will begin to sell their own ice cream.

2 thoughts on “Happy Bunny Day…otherwise known as Easter Sunday!!!

  1. Jeannie @ Pine Cottage Books says:

    What a wonderful day you had! I love farm fresh eggs and milk. Did you know that hubby and I used to have a farm? We did, and had our own fresh eggs gathered every morning! I miss it! How nice that you have access to some real goodies 🙂


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