Oh So Sweet…

I am more than three quarters of the way through The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie and I am enthralled with its star and most delightful main character…Miss Flavia de Luce.   She is such a quirky erratic presumptuous brave girl.  This book is not a book that can be read quickly…it is to be savored slowly.  Flavia has so many hurdles in her short life…her father is aloof and not one for touching, her sisters appear to hate and torture her…the opening scene in this novel was priceless.  Alan Bradley, the author, has overcome the obstacle of not being a quirky science poison loving girl…and written it as though he is one.   More later when I finish this delightful English village mystery.

3 thoughts on “Oh So Sweet…

  1. Patty says:

    I have a feeling the audio will be great…this is so Englishy…I am rereading bits and bobs of it but I still love it…did you start The Kitchen House yet?


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