Lovely Lazy Days…

LucyGrace and I spent hours on the deck this afternoon…my husband was tucked away at work…and dinner is sort of whatever we are hungry for tonight…we have already had nachoes…so…I have the prep for a veggie pizza ready but right now our tummies are full…I am even further enamored with my book’s main character…young Flavia de Luce…she is so endearing, clever and again…quite quirky.  I am savoring this book even though I have the next one in the series already Kindled.  I love Friday nights…when I was teaching…I was asleep by 7:00 because I was so exhausted…now without teaching…my Friday’s are much more lively…meaning that at least I am awake for most of them…I love it.  Cheers, Bloggers…have a lovely week end…

4 thoughts on “Lovely Lazy Days…

  1. june says:

    Okay Patty. Just keep rubbing it in! You and you gorgeous cat enjoy lovely, leisurly days…I so get that…have a good weekend anyway 🙂 *grinning*


  2. Patty says:

    Sorry June…I just was so happy to stop teaching but don't forget…I was surrounded by 7 year olds and always on…Fridays were for sleeping…

    And Bermuda Onion…It is sunny but chilly here so the sun felt amazing…


  3. june says:

    No need to apologize. If anyone understands how it is to be around kids all day it's me! I just wish I could quit. I dream of your lifestyle–regularly! Sadly, one of my beloved kitties passed away this week. I am only now able to talk about it. So, if I could quit…she wouldn't be here to enjoy it with me… *tears*


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