5 thoughts on “LucyGrace…My Little Reading Buddy…

  1. Christina T says:

    She is beautiful! Does she like to “help” you read your books by lying across them? My “cat niece” does that. She loves books but often interferes with reading because she wants to be the center of the universe.

    What kind of cat is LucyGrace?


  2. Patty says:

    Hi All…Lucy is a Tonkinese Mink…they are lively tiny muscular cats who are very much in your face…no timidity or disappearing when people are over…She is an excellent travel kitty…and we take her everywhere…especially car trips to Maine…She is totally indoors but I have a cat stroller and a cat backpack and she is very easy on trips…she has stayed at some great inns and hotels…hee hee hee…and loves room service and always orders a tuna sandwich…rare…she has been interviewed for Cats 101 on the Animal Planet and we are waiting to hear from them…they have an interest in her due to her travel…she sits on my Kindle constantly…if I leave it out…and books…she is awful…she chews the edge of my books…I think she is making her mark on my stuff…she will haul off my good jewelry if I leave it out…she is absolutely cherishable and I want to clone her but I have heard that all Tonks are like her…


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