Flavia de Luce…

I am venturing deeper and deeper into this book and it is even better than the first one.  There are just so many delicious and delightful traits that Flavia displays.  I love her mad scientist side.  I love the way she deals  with her hateful sisters…Daffy and Feely…I love the way she finds sneaky little ways to get back at them when they constantly tell her she is adopted.  I even love the fact that she named her bicycle Gladys.  I laugh out loud when Flavia describes the food prepared by the housekeeper…all sorts of weird jellies and aspics and floaty congealed kinds of things.  Flavia is always ready to make herself a lettuce sandwich and zip up to her chemistry lab for more secret concocting.

 I am excited to discover the author Andrew Taylor.  The books I want to read first by him are called The Roth Trilogy.  I have Bleeding Heart Square on my Kindle but it is as yet unread.  This trilogy is not on Kindle…boo hoo hoo…so I will have to relearn how to turn pages…a lost art for me. 

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