Rainy Days And Bowls Of Soup…

Today is not a typical April day.  It is rainy and actually quite cold.   This day cried out for soup and I was in the mood for something just a bit different than a normal sort of soup.   So…after a quick google search and  a  trip to our local organic grocery and a consultation with its owner, Art, who knows just about everything about any ingredient you might name… the soup is simmering and ready for dinner.  I love going to this store…my cart contained sheets of organic seaweed from Maine, black soybeans, local organic spinach, vegetable broth, dried exotic mushrooms, tofu, miso, and daikon and scallions which were free from Art because that is the kind of thing he does…and of course a package of very special Japanese noodles.   Art has tons of items in his store that are so unique…and all organic.  I have been cooking groats… a more whole form of oatmeal…which is even better than Irish oatmeal…from Art’s store for the last few months and we are nearly addicted to this stuff.   Nuts and seeds are hand packed by Art and his staff…and so fresh…all of the time.   Japanese crackers that are totally addictive…if you love crunchy snacks.  This store is just a tiny little slice of organic heaven and always full of wonderful surprises.  I love having dinner ready to eat when we are ready to eat it…I hate cooking when I want to sit and watch the news or just chat with my husband…so today this is the perfect dinner and I can chill out until we are ready to eat.

8 thoughts on “Rainy Days And Bowls Of Soup…

  1. notesfromnadir says:

    Nothing like fresh, whole organic food.
    Your soup sounds wonderful. But so does that store where the manager [owner?] knows when to give a free products because he's so sure you'll like them! Wish there were more of these types of stores where the owners and employees actually care about what they're selling! 🙂


  2. Patty says:

    I know…he is just so sweet…you can not walk into this little store without Art trying to feed you something yummy…always fresh organic coffee brewing and some new treat on the counter…he is a joy…the soup smells heavenly…I wish I could give a steamy bowl full…


  3. Patty says:

    It is…Art is a delight…and he knows so much about eating healthy and organic…he only drinks raw milk…lots of kefir…and is so sweet. You should see the way he packages grains and nuts and seeds and dried fruits, etc…a special Art kind of way…


  4. Patty says:

    It was really really good…all I did was google Japanese Noodle Soup and tons came up…basically all with the same ingredients and you could change some of the components based on what you like…my store was out of baby Napa cabbage so I used local spinach…no shelled edamame so I used black soy beans…and it was amazingly simple to make and good.


  5. Patty says:

    Joanne…it was rainy here too and quite chilly…I had this idea in my head for a slurpy really healthy Japanese soup and this one was fabulous…stay warm!!! Campbell's Italian Wedding Soup is always good in a pinch…hee hee hee!!!


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