Squirrel Proof…

LucyGrace is squirrel proofed!!!  I think…I hope!!!   As you can see Lucy does not go outside unless she is totally enclosed in mesh and I am watching her.  But there apparently is a pesky little squirrel who seemingly loves to run by her on the deck railing.  I do believe that they enjoy scaring each other.  I was sitting on the wicker sofa reading with Lucy barely a few feet away from me and our little squirrely friend literally hopped over her head.  The deck railing is an important part of whatever daily routine he has.  A few afternoons ago, Lucy and I were again chillaxing on the deck when we heard him in the tree over our heads…I almost think he enjoys these afternoon breaks with us!!!  I have Lucy in her tent, the squirrel over our heads and two adult geese ( Apple and Moses) and six baby geese ( Lola, Lana,  Lane and their brothers Easton, Weston and Little Giovanni)  wandering all over the yard.   Throw in a few random ducks and we have a garden party!!!  And with the foxes and the snapping turtle in the pond…I count baby goose heads every morning!!!  This Kitty Tent was one of the best purchases  I  have ever made for her. Lucy is used to it and loves it.  We just had to give up one chaise lounge and cushion to her comfort.  If for some reason I actually let her walk out of the door to get to the deck, she will race to the tent and hop into it…and actually bounce back if the mesh is zipped…whoopsie!!!

6 thoughts on “Squirrel Proof…

  1. June says:

    OMG! I love this Kitty Tent. It's awesome. You always find some amazing things. All the squirrels where I live were in fear of Boozie. The kids at school referred to her as the mighty squirrel hunter! I have a great picture of her in my office in all her glory standing before one of her half eaten conquests! 🙂


  2. Diane says:

    I can't imagine our cats being happy with this. It is awfully great though. When we moved our 2 indoor/outdoor cats became indoor only and they adjusted fine as we have lots of windows and trees.


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