Hatred, Bullying And Much Much More…

Hate List literally had me spellbound. It was beautifully written. The author took great care with each character. I loved the way the characters were developed throughout the story. The central character, Valerie, is so incredibly broken because of what happened at her high school in the Commons on May 2nd. This is a story about carelessness to others and what hateful abusive bullying behavior does to the spirits and souls of the targeted ones. It is so so sad yet lovely…the horrors are almost unspeakable, the pain is certainly too much to bear and yet it is a beautiful exquisite telling of what happened on that day and through out the year that follows. I cried for many of the characters because this story was so real and you wish that it were not so real. The author wove Valerie’s character flawlessly. Her relationships to her mother and her father and her brother are well thought out and very realistic. Valerie works so hard for each and every peaceful moment that you become her cheerleader even though she is flawed. The ending is written so masterfully that it takes your breath away. I wanted Valerie to be happy again but…we are left to wonder and perhaps even worry about her. This book should be required reading for anyone in high school right now…a sort of see this, heed this, listen to these words.

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