Truly A Town Without Pity…

Hmmm…I do have a soft spot for anything vampirey. But I am a bit particular about the vampires I love. They have to have some admirable qualities. I am thinking mostly of Bella’s Edward…there is not one thing wrong with that vampire at all. I also sort of liked the vampires in the Blue Blood series. They too seemed to have some redeemable qualities. Even some of the half vampires in Lily St. Crow’s Strange Angels book…I am thinking of Christophe in particular…a sort of half vampire…were likeable and maybe even had a little bit of good in them. But I had no clue what I was getting into when I began reading Glass Houses which is the first book in the Morganville Vampire Series. I know that everyone most likely has already read these but they are totally new to me and my first experience with really bad nasty horrible sneaky vampires who are not afraid to show their fangs at the first sign of a tussle with a human. Glass Houses is about a town where people live sort of side by side with vampires. Some people are protected and some are not. Humans donate blood to a blood bank in order to keep the vampires full and happy. Rules are established and everyone lives in peace…sort of…and then Claire comes to town. She is bullied in her dorm and needs an escape and thus encounters the Glass House. Her roommates are protective yet very strange…and have many secrets. It is up to Claire to find a very special book that the vampires want in order to save herself and her friends. The book is rather exciting…I was speeding through it…and the ending sent me scurrying off to Book 2…

I really liked this book…spunky Claire was a hoot and the other characters were all quirky and flawed enough to keep me reading at a really fast pace. In spite of not wanting to read Book 2 right away…I am…

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