Ok…I am hooked…

I don’t get it…I am not normally a creature of habit.  I hate schedules and routines and doing things the same way.  There are months when we never have the same thing for dinner twice.  And yet…I am entrenched in Morganville.  I swore to myself that I was only going to read the first two books and then stop and switch to something else.  But the second book…I just finished it…was really good…spunky Claire is getting to me.  I love the bad guy vamps in this series…bye bye Edward and hello Oliver.  Whew…these books are quite a ride and I am tearing through them.  I no sooner finished The Dead Girl’s Dance when I found myself on auto pilot whispernetting Books 3 and 4 and 5.  I thought that there were only 6 books in this series but I just hopped over to Amazon and there are no less than 9 books in this series…OMG!!!  Unless I can drastically and quickly change my habit of reading every book in a series until the series ends…I will be in Morganville for the next two weeks.  Fixated,  speedreading, and moving on to the next book the minute I finish the last one.  I blame Rachel Caine for this…she has this unique habit of ending each book in such a way that you cannot live your life as you formerly knew it until you find out what happens next.

2 thoughts on “Ok…I am hooked…

  1. June says:

    They're that good huh? You have the luxury of time. I don't think I could do that…at least not these days…lucky you! Maybe some day…


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