On To Book 4…

There is just no stopping now…Rachel Caine ends each book…so far…in such a way as to ensure that you will be moving on to the next book. And I am.

I truly believe that Book 3 is the best one so far. In this book, Claire has signed herself over to Amelie…the queen, empress, whatever of all of the vampires in Morganville. Claire does not realize the effect of what she has done until she is required to take extra classes with a demented insane yet sometimes appealing vampire named Myrnin…who has worked his way through about 6 assistants so far with not a one living to tell the tale. I sort of still yearned for an Edward kind of vampire but the author supplies a similar character by providing us with Michael. He is awesomely beautiful and so far kind and gentle. Oliver the meanie vampire remains the meanie vampire in this book. I can just imagine various villainous actors who might play this role…just in case there is a movie.

I digress…the book is action packed and fun and exciting and I love staying with each of these characters for the duration of these books. The characters are undergoing changes and growing and I am very happy reading about every frightening scary and life threatening ordeal that they go through.  Oh…and the above enticing Goth accoutrement…party wear for a very important scene in the story…

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