My Dad Was A Soldier…

Hmmm…it is sad that I didn’t really listen to my dad tell his soldier stories.  I know that he won a star or something and he was brave and it forever changed him from a boy to a man.  And now that he is gone…I found out… much to my surprise that my husband listened and loved all of his war stories and recently shared them with me…how bad was it that I was too preoccupied to listen to my dad…I am so sorry now…but my husband was sweet and kind and told me all the brave things that my father did.   So I am just going to say…Happy Memorial Day, Dad…I miss you so much!!!  Your country is forever proud of your bravery!!!

4 thoughts on “My Dad Was A Soldier…

  1. Literary Feline says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your father! My dad is a veteran, who was still in the service during my younger childhood year. He's got some great stories to tell, although he so rarely opens up about his experiences in Vietnam.


  2. DesLily says:

    I feel your pain and love. My brother isn't gone very long hits most of us sooner or later that someone we love in our family is gone and memorial day gives us one more day to keep them in our every moments thoughts..


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