Did You Miss Me?

Wow…I have learned first hand just how much it takes to feel really responsible for my blog while away on a getaway!!!  I felt as though I had abandoned my little blog…I was seriously missing it and all of the blog posts that I wasn’t reading from all of the other bloggers that I follow.  It was just a bit traumatic.  I could easily have taken my laptop with me…and as it was…I did use my husband’s to post a review or two…but it was not the same.  We were at The Porches Inn…one of my most favorite places ever.  It is just quite a most unusual place…it is across the street from Mass MOCA…a huge contemporary art museum that has tons of things to see and do, including special movies and performers…they send a newsletter of all kinds of exciting things going on throughout the year.  It is in the Berkshires and there are lovely walking trails and hiking paths and mountains and skiing and actually we venture there just to chill out and read and walk and go to dinner.  It is a bit of a quirky town but it is absolutely magnetic…there is great local organic fresh and wonderful food at surrounding restaurants…we love to eat at this local place called The Hub…when we first get into town.  Other dinners are then more formal for us but still in a relaxed kind of way.   The Grammercy Bistro is one of our favorites…a martini and their grilled tuna is marvelous…we also shared fresh Cape oysters and green salads with Chevre and champagne vinagrette.   We actually ate there every night that we were there…one of our other most favorite places…Mezze…in Williamstown…a short town over…was closed due to moving to a new building…so sad…so we will eat there next time.  The Grammercy Bistro also moved from North Adams downtown to right inside MassMoca…right across from the Porches…you can even walk there if you want to.   There are tons of other quirky little places to explore…in Williamston and Bennington…both college towns…we continue to miss going to Ben and Jerry’s…we get too busy and too relaxed to bother.  Anyway…the rooms at the Porches are wondrous…they describe it as “granny chic”…to me they are quirky and unique…absolutely fanstastic bathrooms…lots of great old furniture…huge king beds and lovely lovely sheets…comfy chairs…and all of the rooms are just a bit different…so far we have stayed in a suite, in a large room with an amazing bathroom…and this time a larger room with comfy chairs and yet another amazing bathroom…and our room this time had an attached porch which was lovely…you can go down to breakfast or you can have croissants and jam and coffee and fruit delivered to your room in a thermos and a galvanized lunch box every morning…a tribute to the mill town of North Adams.  The buildings of the Porches also at one time were mill housing…and they are now redone and connected in such a way as to make it seem as though you are in a small neighborhood or village…there is an awesome workout room and a year round pool and one of the best walking trails we have ever found.  It is about 15 miles long and follows an old railroad line…it meanders around lakes and through a little town and shady trees…we walk or bike it daily and love it.  This quirky quaint area is one of my favorite places ever.  You should really check it out.  We will be back there in a few months…

4 thoughts on “Did You Miss Me?

  1. June says:

    From your pictures, I like the atmosphere of the place. It looks so quaint and magical. Makes me want to go there myself. How far is it from where you live? I know what you mean about the blog. I'm already thinking about how to handle it when I go on vacation. It's really addicting *sigh*. I guess you took Lucy with you right? How many times a year do you visit there? Glad you had a nice time. You deserve it.


  2. Patty says:

    They adore Lucy there…they have special pet bowls for her when we get there…it is about a 5 hour really pleasant drive from us…if you by pass New York…we mistakenly wanted to get there fast and got horribly stuck in George Washington Bridge awful awful traffic…but once you get there the stress just vanishes…you would love it…we have been there three times this year already…love love love it…


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