Why Are We So Tired?

The three of us are exhausted after our Berkshires getaway…on our first day back…Lucy removed herself from us and slept in one of the upstairs bedrooms all day long!!!  I do believe she put a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the bedroom door…

We were back late on Friday…after rest and relaxing and dinners out all week…and the next morning at our local Mennonite plant place so Dennis could plant his veggie garden…it was a mess in the morning and by the afternnoon it was lovely…flowers and tomatoes and lettuces and zucchini and peppers and all kinds of things…herbs and celery…yes…we planted celery…it looked so cute…and gourds and whatever looked fascinating…we have no clue what we are doing…when we plant…we buy too much…way too much but it is so much fun…and part of my morning routine is walking out to the garden and noting what has grown…we live right on a pond…so of course geese and ducks watch our every move…so far no real interest in eating up our garden…last year we had baby geese who munched the tops off of everything…

6 thoughts on “Why Are We So Tired?

  1. Patty says:

    June…I know I am very prejudiced…but she does look so adorable most of the time…when she is not screaming at me…and she travels so well…my friend is having a sale on her kitten Tonks…and we are tempted but I am so afraid that Lucy will change with another kitty in the house…it has happened to us every time we bring in a new baby with the existing cat…soooo…so unsure about what to do…are you still in school?


  2. Patty says:

    She is…but she thrives on travel…has her own gear…hee hee hee…the garden is looking yummier each day…and the bunnies are enjoying it, too!!!


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