Shopping…On A Fascinating Site…

I love this site…they have the most wondrous items…I have to have these antique shoe boxes…I love this kind of unique quaint well handled artifact.  We have a fabulous wine rack that was a shoemaker’s rack from St. Louis when there was a shoe company there called Brown Shoes.  We lived there during one of my husband’s job transfers and these unique racks were everywhere.  Probably why I like these…and am ordering some now…I love bins and boxes…and storing treasures neatly!!!

Almost forgot to include the site…

You must check it out!!!

10 thoughts on “Shopping…On A Fascinating Site…

  1. Vatche says:

    I will definitely check this site out…I've been looking for some oddly shaped bookshelves since I've ran out of room to stock my favorite books…Write on, Patty!


  2. Patty says:

    I know…I was going to buy them but I bought 4 pieces of Juliska pottery…morning cups and morning bowls…check out my post on these…I am in love with them…


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